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Snow Plow Cutting Edges – An Introduction to Carbide

Carbide snow plow cutting edges are widely used today.  They are a natural progression from standard steel snow plow edges which were discussed in the first post of this series: Snow Plow Cutting Edges – An Introduction to Steel. DMC Wear Parts carries all the styles of carbide edges; and we are happy to give a brief overview of this particular blade style.  Carbide snow plow edges are used on the front, underbody, and wing of the snow plow. Carbide snow plow blades look much the same as steel edges; however they have a carbide insert brazed into the thickness of the steel edge along the bottom of the blade.  The carbide insert has much better wear properties than steel.  This gives the benefits of:

  1. Longer Wear Life – on average 3-5x more wear than heat treated steel edges, up to 20x more compared to Carbon Steel
  2. Even Wear – blades will wear evenly; reducing “crowning” effect steel edges have.
  3. Less Time Spent Changing Blades

Types of Carbide Plow Edges

There are a wide variety of carbide edges for snow plows.  The standard is a flat, 3/4″ thick by 6″ tall blade with a single carbide insert.  These are great for front mounts, underbodies and wings.  Please not that an underbody blade should have a top bevel; whereas front mount and wing blades are square.

Picture of a Carbide Snow Plow Edge

Carbide blades also can be serrated; for a more aggressive cut on snow and ice. The blades pictured have a carbide square welded to the front of each tooth.

Picture of a serrated carbide snow plow blade.

Carbide blades can also be a hybrid consisting of steel, rubber, and carbide segments. The carbide and steel segments are completely embedded by rubber.  These blades offer a flexibility to contour to changing road surfaces, and also drastically decrease vibration for a better operating environment.  They typically consist of a steel mounting blade, rubberized carbide segment (pictured), and a steel cover plate. The mounting plate and cover plate offer stability for the rubber segment. This setup will give a better clean sweep on snow, think of a squeegee effect.

Picture of a rubberized carbide snow plow blade


Carbide blades are a great way to increase wear life and decrease the time and effort that changing blades creates.  The wear life does come at a higher price than a steel edge; but when ran properly the wear life and cost savings will be an advantage financially.  Please feel free to reach out to DMC Wear Parts to discuss more about carbide snow plow edges and get a quote.  There are many different styles to choose from, and as always we want to provide Parts for Progress.  Call (605) 840-8082 or email:


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