Track Shoes & Track Pads

Choosing the right track shoes and track pads for your machines is crucial for efficient operation. It will impact your equipment’s performance and could alter the success of your construction project. Many track shoe or pad options can depend on the type of machine you are using (excavator, loader, or bulldozer), the kind of terrain, and the construction project. You may want to choose steel track shoes or rubber track pads, depending on your needs. See below for more information on the different types of track shoes and track pads.

Matching Track Pads & Shoes To The Terrain

It is important to match your equipment’s track shoes or trackpads to the terrain:

  • Rough
  • Filled with rocks and debris
  • Soft and loose soil
  • Smooth or flat surface
  • Significant elevation changes, ditches, and gaps

Regardless, the conditions of the terrain will affect the operability of your machines. Ensure that you have the correct track shoes or track pads that provide the traction you need for the job. Good traction prevents machine slippage, which can be dangerous for the operator and even slow down the project. Operators can identify potential damage earlier by conducting daily inspections of their track shoes and undercarriages.

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Steel Track Shoes For Construction Equipment

There are some excellent benefits to steel track shoes. Naturally, steel is very durable, and the track shoes can handle both warm and cold weather. They are an excellent choice for rugged and complex terrain, in which more traction is a necessity. Greater traction can come from the heavier weight of steel. There are a variety of steel track shoes to choose from for your machine, so make sure to talk to a DMC Wear Parts expert to see which is best for your equipment tracks.

single grouser track shoe on dozer track

Single, Double, and Triple Grouser Track Shoes

Grousers stick out from the track shoes to penetrate the ground to provide more traction on your driving terrain. Traction is essential with heavy equipment, as you do not want any slippage, which may lead to accidents, injuries, or equipment damage.

Different landscapes require specific types of traction. There are types of grouser track shoes to choose from, and each serves a different purpose.

  • Single Grouser: Track shoes have a single spike, providing traction for rough and challenging terrain.
  • Double Grouser: Has two grousers on the track shoes. These might provide less traction, depending on the surface, but have increased maneuverability.
  • Triple Grouser: This type is designed with three spikes, which can be gentler on the driving surface. Triple Grousers can usually last longer and offer the best maneuverability.

heavy duty, multi grouser track shoe for excavator

Standard Use and Extreme Use Track Shoes

  • Extreme Use Track Shoes: Extreme Track Shoes operate in harsh conditions and debris and have a longer shelf life. Better for more extreme environments and more typical for larger construction vehicles. The pads have more size on the shoes. Grousers provide more substantial penetration to the ground.
  • Standard Use Track Shoes: If the project does not require extra durable and rugged track shoes, standard use track shoes will likely be a good choice. Designed for standard construction operations in moderate conditions. These are ideal for situations that are lower impact and not very abrasive or rough. These will work well for asphalt and road projects. Consult a professional and ask which type of track shoe is best for your construction goals.

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Rubber Track Pads for Heavy Equipment

You may opt for rubber track pads instead of steel track shoes. There are many advantages to rubber track shoes. For one, they are quieter and can cause less damage to the driving surface. The operator may notice less vibration and a smoother ride. Rubber track pads can be a less costly option as well.

Bolt-On Track Pads

As the name suggests, bolts secure the track pads to your machine through pre-drilled holes. Bolt-ons are a good option if your machines already have holes drilled into them for such an application. Bolt-on track pads have a lower vibration level and can reduce the risk of damaging the surrounding work area. They are also very sturdy and resistant to wear.

Clip-On Track Pads

Clip-on track pads offer easier installation. This option is padded with rubber, which reduces wear and tear on the pads themselves. Clip-on track pads might last longer and do not need pre-drilled holes for bolts to attach them.


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How Can I Check for Wear on my Track Shoes?

It is essential to check for wear and tear on your track shoes to prevent malfunctions and larger equipment issues. Search for cracks, splits, and other wear and tear on your machine. Rust can be another common problem that you will want to look for, as well as any missing bolts or other parts.

How Can I Check for Wear on my Track Pads?

As with steel track shoes, it is essential to inspect your rubber track pads daily. If you are using rubber track pads, keep an eye out for rubber that is thinning or wearing down. Search for any cracks that might be appearing in the track pads. Can you see the steel through the rubber? That is a good indication of rubber track pads that they need replacing. If you can see a steel cord showing, do the same. Remember, rubber is not as strong as steel, so it will be vital to replace them if they show signs of damage.


poor maintenance for loose track chain and track shoes on equipment

Popular Brands for Track Shoes and Track Pads

As with any construction equipment, there are different brands and companies that our parts experts can recommend. Since track shoes and track shoes vary by model, it is vital to consult an experienced aftermarket parts dealer to find the best part for your job.

Our rubber and steel tracks are manufactured as replacements for most major manufacturers in the construction equipment industry. See the list below of some of the popular OEMs that our parts offerings match.

We offer track shoes and track pads that fit the following machinery brands:

  • ASV
  • Bobcat
  • Case
  • Caterpillar (CAT)
  • Ditch Witch
  • Gehl
  • IHI
  • John Deere
  • Kobelco
  • Kubota
  • New Holland
  • Takeuchi
  • Volvo
  • Yanmar
  • And many more!

If you don’t see an equipment manufacturer on this list that you need for your machine, please contact us! With over 50,000 parts in stock, we will certainly have the right part for you.



*All manufacturers’ names, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and are not implied that any part offered is the product of these manufacturers.

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