Carbide Insert Snow Plow Blades

When the snow is flying this winter, you need a plow blade you can rely on. This year, consider upgrading your plow with tungsten carbide inserts: proven to be tough, strong, and long-lasting, these plow blades will keep your rig out of the shop and on the road all winter long.

What are Carbide Insert Snow Plow Blades?

Specially designed to be the ideal blade for handling extreme wear and tear, carbide snowplow blades are made from steel and upgraded with tungsten carbide inserts or overlays. Tungsten carbide is much denser and more durable than standard steel, making it a perfect plowing edge material capable of standing up to a winter’s worth of work and then some! Typically available in square and trapezoidal shapes, these inserts are offered in a variety of different hole sizes, all but guaranteeing their compatibility with OEM and aftermarket equipment alike.

Carbide insert-steel blades can also be encased in rubber to create a JOMA-style snow plow blade, a new style that is becoming more popular among snow removal operators and DOT operators each winter.

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Carbide Inserts Provide Added Longevity for Your Blade

Fusing carbon and tungsten to create tungsten carbide results in a robust and durable metal with wear resistance properties far beyond standard steel. Carbide inserts can endure much heavier use than conventional blades and last several times longer if maintained correctly. This means fewer blade changes, less maintenance, less hassle, and more value in the long run.

Inserts are Made from Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is an incredible metal, with up to three times the rigidity of steel and a far longer wear life. Tungsten carbide inserts are offered in a variety of hole sizes, hole patterns, and designs to work with almost any make and model of equipment. Some designs are brazed into grooves etched into the plow blade to extend their wear life even further.

Protection for Your Plow and Vehicle

Plow and curb guards are designed to take the punishment so that the rest of the blade can do its job. However, this doesn’t mean that their wear materials need to be replaced constantly – these costs can add up. You’re better off implementing a more budget-friendly solution that protects the surface of the plowing edge longer and more effectively through tungsten carbide pads. These pads offer increased protection for your plow and vehicle and are built to last far longer than the standard wear materials typically used in these applications.

JOMA Style Snow Plow Blades

JOMA Style SnowPlow BladesJOMA style snow plow blades are a unique carbide blow blade that is encased within a rubber shell. This outer layer of rubber can increase the lifespan of a carbide-inserted snow blade while offering the additional benefits of a rubber blade. Operators that have started using this revolutionary style of snow plow edge have reported a higher ROI and less equipment downtime when compared to traditional steel edges.

Over the last few years, state DOTs have conducted field research on the effectiveness of JOMA style blades with the studies finding these rubber and carbide blades are effective compared to traditional steel blades.

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When Should I Use Carbide Inserts In A Snow Plow Edge?

Carbide inserts are made to handle the worst that winter roads have to offer. They excel on rough terrain, take on ice and dense snow with ease, and come in different styles to accommodate any existing blade system you’ve already invested in – including wing blades, underbody plows, and grader blades. If you find yourself constantly replacing worn-out blade edges and guards throughout the winter, it might be time to consider upgrading to a carbide option.

Consider Your Snow Removal Project Scope

When debating the pros and cons of plowing equipment, it’s essential to consider the scope of your snow removal projects. Is most of your work removing snow on highways and freeways? Or is your focus on rural backroads and parking lots? Different snowplow applications require different materials and styles, particularly where blades and plow guards are concerned, so it’s crucial to consider your needs and uses when considering an upgrade.

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Rough Terrain

Rough terrain is a significant cause of bottom wear and blade damage. When the plow blade catches and grinds against uneven or rugged terrain, nicks and tears can develop, reducing the blades’ effectiveness. Carbide wear materials are durable and ideal for harsh terrain, proven to hold up longer than other common plow materials.

Hard Packed Snow and Ice

Carbide can carve through hardpacked snow and ice with no trouble, thanks to the increased rigidity and strength of the metal inserts. If your work climate features a considerable buildup of densely packed snow or ice throughout the winter months, upgrading your steel blades with carbide inserts could help save considerably on the cost of blade maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Reducing Vibration from Roads

In general, carbide blade inserts cause less ‘chatter,’ making a significant difference for both the plow and the operator. Vibration from your plow equals wear damage and can cause operator fatigue. These are problems that can be lessened with a carbide insert! A standard plow design for tungsten carbide inserts features carbide-tipped steel segments mounted in a way that helps to reduce road vibration, improving the plow operators’ comfort significantly.

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Other Snowplow Edge Materials

Carbide inserts are an excellent investment, but they might not always be the best fit for your situation. There are many other plow blade designs and materials, each with its pros and cons.


A long-time standard for the industry, steel snowplow blades are tried and true, available in a massive variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Steel is among the most affordable materials for plow blades and is the most adaptable to older plow designs. However, steel plows are far quicker to corrode and rust than plows made from other materials.


Best suited to warmer climates, rubber plow blades are excellent at pushing slush and fluffy snow and are available at an affordable price point. They’re quieter and rattle less than traditional steel blades but suffer in dense snow and ice. These blades are ideal for plowing decorative areas, small municipalities with frequently low-speed limits, or spots known for ruining steel plow blades.


Made from durable plastic, polyurethane plow blades offer increased sturdiness and longevity over steel plows. They have the added benefit of increased scratch and dent resistance, but they can come at a much higher cost and require the installation of a heavy-duty framework to support them.

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