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Snow removal can be quite a task, especially if you were unprepared to do the job! While there are many options out there for snow removal, investing in a snowplow cutting edge can be a smart move to get you through the winter months. A snow plow’s cutting edge works to protect your plow blade from damages while working and serves to cut through tough snow and ice that block your way. 

What Are Snow Plow Cutting Edges? 

Snowplow cutting edges are specially designed snow plow blades that attach to the front of snowplows. They work by extending sidewalks or driveways beyond the curb so that you can create extra cleared space in the snowy weather. 

Snowplow cutting edges also utilize powerful steel blades to remove packed snow and ice to clear walkways and roads. You can attach snow plow cutting edges to nearly any plow, your snow blower, or even a tractor’s blade. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to find one that works for your budget and needs. 

Cutting Edges Provide Protection for the Plow Blade 

Cutting edges protect the snowplow’s blade, which is essential for avoiding any damage done to it while clearing away the accumulated snow and ice on surfaces. This is especially important when working with tough and compacted snow. 

To work correctly, cutting edges should be attached to the front of your plow blade at the same angle as the plow’s wing. Depending on how many extensions you need, there are several options for fitting snow plow cutting blades onto your plow. The most common attachment is a bolt-on cutting edge system that uses U-bolts to attach the edges to the plow blade itself.

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What Are Snowplow Cutting Edges Made Of? 

Snowplow cutting edges are made from various materials and come in a range of styles, depending on the model and manufacturer you choose.  A typical cutting edge is made from either steel or polyurethane, but some models feature rubber cutting edges that are more affordable. There are also hybrid snowplow blades equipped with both a rubber cutting edge and a saw tooth bottom for added safety. 

Snowplow cutting edges should be replaced once they become dull or damaged. Snowblower blades are also an additional option for clearing walkways and driveways, especially when the snow is lighter in weight. However, this equipment can be more expensive to purchase. 

Snowplow cutting edges are a great way to make your life easier during the winter months! They’re affordable and easy to use and can provide a clear path for cars, pedestrians, and driveways. 

Steel Snow Plow Cutting Edges

The main advantage of steel snow plow cutting edges is that they are sturdy and durable. However, the downside is that they can be a little louder than other materials when in use due to friction with your plowing surface.  Steel snow plow cutting edges can be sharpened, and because they are made of metal, they also can be subject to corrosion and rust if not correctly maintained. You also have to remember that these types of blades can be weighty, so they may require a lot more effort on your part when attaching them to the front of your plow blade. 

Rubber Snow Plow Edges

Rubber snow plow blades tend to be quieter and less expensive than their metal counterparts. However, they may not be great against dense snow and ice. It’s essential to survey the job at hand and select your cutting edge based on your needs for the terrain. 

Carbide Snow Edges

Carbide cutting edges won’t wear down as quickly and are generally more comfortable to operate. The downside to carbide edges is that they are not very good for compacted snow, so it’s best to use them in areas with lesser or light snow. Carbide snow plow cutting edges can also rust if not properly maintained, so it’s essential to perform regular maintenance on these blades. 

Polyurethane Snow Edges

The pros of Polyurethane snow plow cutting edges are that they are a little cheaper and more comfortable to operate, but the downside is that they can’t be used in areas with dense, compacted snow. Polyurethane snow plow cutting edges are also not as durable as steel or carbide cutting edges. 

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How to Choose the Right Snow Plow Cutting Edge 

Snowplow cutting edges are a great way to make your life easier during the winter months – but how do you choose the right snow plow cutting edge? 

  • Price?
  • Edge Lifespan?
  • Equipment Type?
  • Mounting Type?
  • And More.

Consider the Scope of Your Snow Plow Project 

When choosing which type of snowplow cutting edge to purchase, you need to consider the scope of your snowplow project. Things like plow surface, the weight of the snow, and ground contact are all important factors in determining what cutting edge is right for your roads or worksite. 

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Road Surface and Pavement

One thing to consider when purchasing a snow plow cutting edge is the ground’s surface. If you are working on gravel, dirt, or paved roads, different plowing surfaces can influence your decision of what kind of cutting edge you opt to go with. 

Snow Conditions 

Snow conditions will also affect the type of snowplow cutting edge you choose. Carbide blades can be used for hard-packed snow, but they are not as effective in areas with wet or slushy snow. Polyurethane blades may be a little cheaper, but they can’t be used in areas with compacted snow. 

When purchasing a snow plow cutting edge, it’s best to consider these things and ask yourself what you think will work best for your use. 

Ground Contact Restrictions (vary by location) 

Ground contact restrictions when purchasing snow plow cutting edges can vary by location, depending on traffic laws in that jurisdiction. For example, in some areas, there are no ground contact restrictions at all. However, in other areas, limiting the distance between the plow blade and the ground surface can help to lower noise complaints and keep you in good standing with the city.

It’s essential to consider these restrictions when purchasing a snow plow cutting edge. If your property, municipality, city, county, or state has any limitations on snow plow ground contact, it’s best to choose a product that matches these regulations so that you don’t run into any unnecessary hassles. 

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