Engine Parts For Construction Equipment

Every construction professional wants the best parts for their heavy equipment. Sometimes machines are pushed to their limits in brutal terrain and tough working conditions. After a job is complete, the equipment can sit idle or go directly into the next project. Eventually, an engine part might need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

If an engine part breaks down or needs replacement, engine parts for these machines might have a hefty price tag attached to them. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specific parts for that brand of machine can be an expensive option. If your construction project is on a limited budget, with short deadlines, purchasing aftermarket parts from DMC Wear Parts might be a viable solution without sacrificing quality.

Top Performing Construction Equipment Engine Parts

Aftermarket parts can provide an excellent and cheaper alternative without compromising quality compared to OEM engine parts. DMC Wear Parts carries a vast inventory of aftermarket replacement parts for your equipment’s engine, undercarriage, attachments, and more.

Bring New Life to Your Machine with Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are typically designed to mirror OEM parts. Here are several top-performing engine parts that can be replaced with aftermarket parts to help extend your machine’s life. If you need to replace any of these parts, you can buy a well-made aftermarket part from DMC Wear Parts without compromising.

Construction Equipment Engine Parts

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads determine how effectively your engine will work and can be one of the costliest engine parts to replace in heavy machinery. Cylinder heads, with routine maintenance, can last for very long periods.

Oil Pumps

The oil pump is a complex part of the engine that is important for lubrication and keeping the engine cool. It can negatively impact the engine if this part fails, and the oil pressure will go down in your machine.

Starters and Alternators

As the name implies, engine starters are crucial because of their vital purpose – starting the engine. Your engine’s combustion process needs a kick-off, and engine starters allow your machine to start up and work correctly. Alternators provide a charge to keep the engine running smoothly.

Extensive Selection of Construction Equipment Engine Parts

The variety and affordability of aftermarket parts create more options in the replacement market. You can find the perfect engine components that meet your needs, depending on your equipment and project requirements. Here are just some examples of other aftermarket construction equipment engine parts that you can find through DMC Wear Parts.

  • Piston Kits (Piston Pins, Rings, Retainers, etc.)
  • Liners
  • Connecting Rods
  • Camshafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Engine Blocks
  • Engine Belts
  • Tighteners
  • Pulleys
  • Dampeners
  • Bearings
  • Turbochargers
  • Flywheels
  • Valves
  • Overhaul Kits
  • Plates
  • Covers
  • And More


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Aftermarket Parts Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Ordering aftermarket products with DMC Wear Parts can be a simple process, with over 50,000 parts in stock, our experts are sure to find the perfect part for your equipment. Aftermarket parts can provide more affordability and variety, thanks to the number of qualified suppliers that we work with, including ITR America.

Heavy equipment are subject to wear and tear and will eventually need one or more engine parts replaced in their lifetime. Replacing these engine components with aftermarket parts allows a less expensive solution for preventative maintenance, thus extending the life of your machine.

How to Find the Right Engine Part for Your Machine

DMC Wear Parts has part experts on staff to help you find the perfect replacement part for your heavy equipment. Knowing the part number will help, but isn’t required. Our aftermarket parts specialists are available today and can help you find the exact part based on the make and model of your equipment.

Cost-Effective Replacement Engine Parts

Another way to find the right part is to identify it in your owner’s manual or look online. Consulting the manual or manufacturer website will likely be the first step to finding the correct part that you will need.

If you purchase an OEM engine part directly from the manufacturer, they set the price. The part is made specifically for that machine by the manufacturers, and the cost is often steeper than necessary. Alternatively, aftermarket prices are likely lower for the engine parts that you require, without reducing the quality or fit.

Heavy Equipment Sprockets, Segments, and Gears

Aftermarket Construction Equipment Engine Parts For Top Brands

DMC Wear Parts offers many aftermarket engine parts that fit equipment from the top manufacturers.

CAT Engine Aftermarket Parts

Contact DMC Wear Parts today to explore our vast inventory of aftermarket parts for CAT machinery.

John Deere Engine Aftermarket Parts

Whether it be for skid steers, excavators, or dozers, DMC offers the replacement engine part that your John Deere equipment needs.

Komatsu Engine Aftermarket Parts

DMC Wear Parts catalog offers several aftermarket replacement parts for your Komatsu engine or undercarriage.

Contact an Aftermarket Parts Specialist

Aftermarket parts mean decreased costs and more variability for you and your project but finding the right engine replacement part might not always be easy. Fortunately, DMC Wear Parts’ aftermarket specialists can help you find the perfect match for your equipment needs. Contact us today!


*All uses of manufacturers’ names, symbols, brands, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and are not implied that any part offered is the product of these manufacturers.

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