Undercarriage Sprockets & Segments

Sprockets are essential parts of most crawler equipment, including excavators, dozers, cranes, drilling machines, and more. Proper undercarriage maintenance significantly lessens the chance for a larger breakdown in the middle of an important job. Sprockets and segments work with the undercarriage track to drive track-style equipment movement. If your sprockets and segments show wear, chances are that you will need to look into replacement parts.

DMC Wear Parts carries a large inventory of aftermarket sprockets and segments for heavy equipment undercarriages. We have over 50,000 aftermarket undercarriage parts in stock,  covering all types of heavy equipment and fitting the biggest brands in the construction industry. Contact a DMC Wear Parts expert to find the perfect replacement sprocket or segment to keep your equipment moving.

Heavy Equipment Sprockets, Segments, and Gears

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Sprockets Vs. Segments

Sprockets are metal gears with an inner ring that has bolt holes or a compression hub and gear ring all within a single unit. In contrast, segments are individual pieces that can be linked together to form a metal ring. This means segments can be combined to create the effect of a complete sprocket, but are able to be individually replaced without dismantling the entire track.

Sprockets & Segments – Aftermarket or OEM Parts

Heavy machinery undercarriages help to carry tons of weight and propel movement. If your undercarriage experiences significant use, it will likely need repair and replacement parts. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are produced at the same factory that makes the equipment they are used for. Purchasing an OEM part ensures that the part will be identical to the part initially included in the vehicle at purchase. One might think these are the only high-quality replacement options, but aftermarket part manufacturers provide replacement parts at a much lower price without sacrificing the machine match or quality.

Aftermarket parts are produced by a separate company and are designed to be compatible with multiple machines, brands, makes, and models. This offers a more straightforward experience when an operator needs replacement parts for older equipment models. You can bet that we’ll find the correct part from our aftermarket dealers at competitive prices. Contact DMC Wear Parts’ aftermarket parts experts to help find the perfect replacement part for your machine!


DMC Wear Parts is a proud supplier for ITR America and other leading aftermarket parts manufacturers. Download the ITR Undercarriage Parts Catalog by clicking on the image above, contact us for pricing and ordering information.

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Maintenance for Your Undercarriage

Ensuring proper undercarriage maintenance will include regular debris removal and visual part inspections. The best way to keep your sprockets and segments in good shape is to make sure they are clean, greased, and appropriately tensioned. First, you must check to make sure that the sprocket teeth are in good shape. Once they start to degrade, they will be hooked or pointed. If your sprockets are in this condition, it’s time for a replacement. Operators should conduct daily equipment inspections to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Extend the Life of Your Machine with Aftermarket Parts

Your machine’s efficiency will reflect the quality of maintenance work put into it. Even with proper maintenance, replacement parts will be necessary at some point. Higher quality replacement parts will prevent premature wear and tear, extending the life of your equipment.

You may think that higher quality sprockets and segments equal higher prices, but this is not the case for aftermarket parts. Aftermarket replacement parts offer the same quality as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts but at a much lower cost. Finding the right undercarriage parts at the right price is crucial because most machine maintenance costs are attributed to undercarriage replacements.


Sprockets & Segments for Popular Heavy Equipment Brands

DMC Wear Parts provides a vast inventory of over 50,000 aftermarket undercarriage parts, including sprockets and segments that are compatible with many major manufacturers and brands.

CASE Aftermarket Parts

DMC Wear Parts carries many aftermarket segments and sprockets for CASE machinery. Contact one of our aftermarket parts specialists today to find the exact part fit for your equipment.

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CAT Equipment Parts

CAT, or Caterpillar, is one of the most recognizable names in the construction equipment industry. DMC Wear Parts offers quality aftermarket parts for most CAT models. From dozers to excavators, we’ve got you covered.
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John Deere Parts

John Deere is another highly valued name in construction and farming equipment. Our expansive inventory of John Deere compatible replacement parts will provide your equipment with what it needs to get back out on the job in no time.

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