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Pre-Assembled Undercarriage Rollers & Idlers

Idlers and rollers are crucial to machine operability, and you will want to know what proper maintenance looks like for each part, as they can lead to significant issues later. Whether you use excavators, bulldozers, pavers, or other track equipment for your work projects, learning more about the basics of idlers and rollers can benefit your entire operation.

DMC Wear Parts is committed to providing exceptional aftermarket parts for heavy equipment undercarriage at great prices. We have over 50,000 unique parts stocked in 12 warehouses throughout the country – so you can be confident that we have the product you need and can ship it to you when you need it. Call our part sales experts at (605) 840-8082 and we will help you find the parts you need to keep your equipment performing at its best.

3-Year / 4,000-hour Warranty Coverage For Undercarriage Parts

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Idlers and Rollers Undercarriage Parts

Aftermarket Replacements & Undercarriage Maintenance Parts

All construction professionals should try to know the ins and outs of their equipment. When machine operators know their equipment and what they need to get the job done, it ensures things go smoothly on the job site. Additionally, when a professional knows how to maintain their equipment, they can minimize wear and tear on these important machines over time.

DMC Wear Parts offers an extensive range of undercarriage idler and roller components for crawlers, dozers, excavators, compact track loaders, and other types of heavy track equipment. Our aftermarket parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and fit top brands such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, CASE, and more. In addition to standard road maintenance and construction applications, DMC Wear Parts also covers parts for asphalt road paving, drilling, forestry, and agricultural applications. Our replacement parts are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Idlers

Idlers are an essential piece of any steel track or rubber track construction equipment undercarriage. DMC Wear Parts offers a range of products from simple idler wheels or completely assembled idlers that are pre-filled with oil and factory sealed. These pre-assembled idlers are better than typical replacement parts and make the installer and operator’s jobs significantly easier. Our pre-assembled idlers are available in complete idler groups including the arms, brackets, or direct bolt-on upgrades for low hassle installation.

What is an idler? 

In a machine’s undercarriage, the idler is most commonly located in the front and/or rear of the undercarriage, as its job is to move the track and propel the machine forwards and backward. The front idler also keeps everything aligned and absorbs the impact of the shock while driving the machine. Idlers are wheel-shaped and usually quite sizable. They work with the tensioner in the undercarriage to ensure adequate tension of the track to prevent the track from falling off. This ensures that the track chain stays aligned during movement across rough and challenging terrain.

Front Idlers (Track Idlers)

DMC Wear Parts carries front idlers that are made from high-quality steel and heat-treated to offer consistent quality and performance. Our track idler product offerings are available in a variety of configurations:

  • idler body
  • idler with bushings and shaft
  • idler with collars
  • idler with fork
  • idler with tensioning unit

Aftermarket Undercarriage Rollers

Our top and track rollers are designed for excellent performance in the toughest environments for all types of dozers and crawlers. Our lines of lower track rollers and the upper carrier rollers are designed to hold up in the most challenging conditions. We have a wide range of aftermarket rollers to fit all common equipment models and makes from the top manufacturers: Caterpillar, John Deere, Kobatsu, CASE, Kobelco, and more.

What is a roller?

A roller is a cylindrical part placed at both the top and bottom of the track; rollers work to reduce load weights on your front wheels and sprockets. Investing in quality rollers for your equipment can reduce wear on many parts of your machine, saving you money in the long run. 

Top Rollers vs. Bottom Rollers

The undercarriage will typically have two rollers at the top of the track and six to eight bottom rollers. The top rollers support the chain and the track, while the bottom rollers support the machine’s weight.

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Routine Inspections of Idlers and Rollers

Ideally, a daily inspection is suggested for your machine’s undercarriage to ensure no apparent issues and leakages. However, if you are not an expert, take the machine in for routine inspection by a professional. Creating a regular schedule for a deep inspection for the entire undercarriage and sticking to it can help drastically reduce significant malfunctions with the equipment. Here are a couple of common issues to look for in idlers and rollers:

Idlers:  Search for anything out of the ordinary and clear examples of damage, such as dents, cracks, or oil leaks.

Rollers: Dents, cracks, and leakages. Run the machine to ensure that all rollers are performing as expected.

Maintenance Costs for Idlers and Rollers

Costs will vary by machine and manufacturer, but they can be kept low by regular inspection and removing dirt and debris. Replacement and aftermarket parts can generally run in the price range of hundreds or thousands, depending on the machine and par.

Replacing and Maintaining Idlers 

If your idler is damaged on the job site or needs a replacement, first consult the owner’s manual to ensure you order the correct part. DMC Wear Parts has a wide selection of idlers to match all common makes and models for the leading manufacturers.

To limit and avoid the idler replacement process, make sure to perform regular inspection and maintenance on your equipment. These routine inspections will help you identify problems early on and save you money in the long run. Having a professional install the idler might be expensive, but it saves time and could very well prevent future issues. If you plan to replace it yourself, one of the essential steps is to consult the owner’s manual or manufacturer instructions, as each machine and its process might be different.

When inspecting idlers, always search for oil leakage. It can be a warning sign that the seal is no longer working, which can cause further damage to your equipment. If the idlers appear to be in good shape, you can further inspect them by grabbing your user manual and a depth gauge. Use your depth gauge to measure the idler and compare the current size to the original listed in the manual. If you do not own the user manual, there are resources online that will have the measurements or you can contact DMC Wear Parts and we will help you find all the information you need.

Worn idlers can have serious, long-term consequences like drag, which can cause de-tracking and excessive wear on your idler. Many of our clients’ machines tend to operate in rugged terrain, which increases vulnerability to being worn down over time. However, as previously mentioned, routine inspections and maintenance can keep these issues from becoming much more significant problems.

Replacing and Maintaining Rollers 

As with idlers, consult the owner’s manual to order the correct part and follow instructions for replacement. 

You will need to take out the bolts that lock in the track guards against the rollers for most machines. Next, detach the bolts that fasten the rollers and replace them with the new, functioning part. 

Aftermarket undercarriage replacement parts video highlighting Rollers and Idlers from ITR America YouTube Page. DMC Wear Parts is a proud supplier of ITR America Parts.

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How Do I Check The Undercarriage Of My Equipment?

Checking the overall state of the undercarriage should be an essential part of every construction site or project, ultimately contributing to the safety of everyone on-site. To ensure that your equipment is in good working order, you should regularly check the entire undercarriage of your machine.

Inspect all aspects, such as the sprockets, bushings, idlers, and rollers, looking for any looseness in the bolts, damaged or missing parts, corrosions, and oil leaks. Systematic and consistent upkeep will help the machine run safely, not break down while being used, keep your project on time, and save you money.

Undercarriage Solutions For All Types Of Heavy Equipment 

The undercarriage of your machine will provide stable movement of the machine throughout the construction site in any conditions. An undercarriage should also have the appropriate characteristics for its load, the job site and be durable enough to withstand the harsh environment in which it will operate. 

The best solution for all types of heavy equipment is to keep the undercarriage clean and free of debris and having regular inspections that follow a preset schedule. 

Plan for the future. Knowing what parts are at the end of their lifespan can help you get ahead of repairs and avoid on-site issues. This can aid in budgeting for the replacement parts ahead of time as well.  

Do you have additional questions about idlers and rollers or any other piece of machine undercarriage equipment? We have an extensive catalog of over 50,000 parts including: track chains, sprockets, segments, rock guards, guides, wear strips, roller mounting strips, roller frame covers, track adjuster assemblies, rods, cylinders, recoil springs, top roller strands, and more. Feel free to contact us – we would be glad to assist you in any of your heavy equipment needs and get your job back on track! 

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