Undercarriage Springs & Recoils

Undercarriage recoil springs are critical to the proper function of crawler-type heavy equipment. The recoil springs serve as shock absorbers to protect the track and idler system from impact, excessive weight, and premature wear in order to extend the life of the undercarriage. The undercarriage makes up most of the repair investment put into heavy machinery, so it is crucial to extend the wear life with quality support parts, like recoil springs and track adjuster assemblies. These parts are critical to a machine’s proper performance and safety. To maintain your equipment, you must also understand the equipment’s inner workings and the importance of each part. It is vital to learn how to preserve these parts, how they function in the undercarriage of your machine, and the best replacement parts for when things break.

Undercarriage Spring Recoil Parts Inventory

If your springs, recoils, or track assemblies are not properly maintained it can cause significant issues for the operation of your machine and the wear life of the entire undercarriage. DMC Wear Parts carries a wide range of undercarriage springs and recoil parts for all popular makes and models of heavy equipment. There are many sizes and types of springs that are used across the different equipment models, manufacturers, and types of machinery.

Spring Recoil

  • Spring recoils act as buffers to protect other undercarriage parts against shock.

Track Adjuster Springs

  • Track adjusters and recoil allow the machine to adjust the track tension in reaction to the terrain automatically. As the front of the machinery faces resistance, the idler will move back and compress the springs, adjusting the pressure in the track.

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3-Year / 4,000-hour Warranty Coverage For Undercarriage Parts

DMC Wear Parts offers recoil springs in the track adjusting assembly to help maintain the required tension on the track chain assembly for a wide range of excavators and dozers. DMC Wear Parts carries all spring recoil-related parts, including springs, recoils, track adjusters and track adjuster seal kits, tensioners, bearings, rods, complete spring assemblies, track adjuster assemblies, and more. DMC Wear Parts has over 50,000 individual parts stocked in 12 warehouses throughout the United States. We carry parts from the top global aftermarket part suppliers and have everything you need to keep your equipment moving. You can count on DMC Wear Parts to only offer parts that are designed and manufactured according to strict quality standards – you can expect that the recoil springs that we offer can withstand harsh and demanding operating conditions.  Contact DMC Wear Parts with your equipment manufacturer/make/model or part number and our parts experts will help you identify the perfect aftermarket undercarriage replacement parts.

Importance of Recoil Springs in Heavy Equipment

Recoil springs operate as shock absorbers, protecting the machine from heavy impact and overload. With a higher tolerance for impact and overload due to these recoil springs, the machine’s track and idler will last longer. These parts are essential for maintaining proper track tension, allowing the machine to maneuver through rugged terrain. Maintaining your recoil springs can ensure the machine performs optimally in any situation.

Track Adjusters & Springs Prevent Wear on Undercarriages

It is vital to prevent wear and tear on your machine’s undercarriage if you want your machine to last through its estimated lifespan. The undercarriage includes many other connected parts, including:

Track Rollers & Idlers

  • Track rollers reinforce the machine’s crawler/track movement against heavy loads and protect against shock. Idlers drive the belt system of the tracks by connecting each rotation from one section to another. Carrier rollers ensure the connection between the carrier roller chain and the rest of the machine to ensure the stability of heavy loads and smooth out the ride.

Equalizer Bars

  • Equalizer bars connect the track frames and act as the suspension for the vehicle.

Sprockets & Link Assemblies

  • Sprockets protrude from the wheels’ rims to guide the chains that move the track. Link assemblies are connected to the sprockets and aid in supporting the vehicle’s weight.

Bogies & Bogie Assemblies

  • Bogies are load-bearing frameworks that carry the vehicle’s movement components.


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Maintaining Your Equipment’s Undercarriage

Maintaining your equipment’s undercarriage will include a few actions to ensure the parts remain in proper condition and are functioning correctly. These actions can range anywhere from visually checking the status of the parts to manually cleaning and testing the parts. To understand how to care for your undercarriage correctly, you must first understand the importance of each part.

Understanding the functions and connections between a machine’s parts gives you the knowledge you need to maintain the quality of the parts. If any part is broken or worn beyond repair, you will need a replacement part. Below you will find information on popular brands of heavy equipment and innovative replacement part purchase strategies.

Popular Manufacturers of Heavy Equipment That Use Undercarriage Springs & Recoils

The history and experience a brand has can ensure you of the quality of their products. Here are a few of the best heavy machinery manufacturers. We ship parts nationwide, check out our undercarriage parts for popular manufacturers:


Komatsu was founded in Japan in 1921 to revolutionize industrial machinery. The brand is dedicated to spreading improved industrial techniques, addressing social needs, and giving back to communities. Our extensive collection of aftermarket parts includes replacement parts that fit with Komatsu excavators, dozers, track loaders, skid steers.

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CAT, or Caterpiller Inc., was founded in 1925 in California and is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment. DMC Wear Parts offers aftermarket CAT undercarriage parts for any Caterpillar heavy equipment model. From small and compact dozers to large wheeled machines, we have any replacement part you may need for your CAT machine.
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CASE, or Case Construction Equipment, was founded in 1842 and were the first company to produce a factory-integrated backhoe loader. Today, they are known for being a global provider of agricultural equipment. DMC Wear Parts has a vast selection of aftermarket CASE undercarriage parts that will fit perfectly and get your CASE machine back onto to job site in no time.
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Aftermarket Springs and Recoils Provide Great Value to Your Equipment

Maintaining your heavy machinery through its lifespan will require purchasing replacement parts. While your initial instinct might be to purchase a part with the same manufacturer and model number, aftermarket parts provide better value without compromising quality. DMC Wear Parts’ aftermarket parts go through rigorous quality control tests to ensure optimum performance. In most cases, the performance is identical in both the aftermarket and OEM products, but the aftermarket product is more reasonably priced. Similarly, our aftermarket springs and recoils perform as well as OEM parts at a reasonable cost. When considering replacement springs and recoils for your equipment, consider the value DMC Wear Parts can provide.

What Is The Undercarriage?

The undercarriage of heavy machinery is capable of moving massive amounts of weight and withstanding the most demanding environments and projects. The undercarriage has many moving parts for crawler-type equipment, including rollers, idlers, tracks, bogie assemblies, springs, and other critical parts. DMC Wear Parts provides operators with the undercarriage parts that are needed to provide durable and long-lasting operation in the most challenging environments. DMC Wear Parts carries a wide range of parts for all types of equipment, including bulldozer undercarriages, excavator undercarriages, skid steer undercarriages, and other pieces of equipment.

*All manufacturers’ names, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and are not implied that any part offered is the product of these manufacturers.

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