CASE Undercarriage Parts (Aftermarket)

DMC Wear Parts offers aftermarket CASE undercarriage parts for CASE’s M-Series dozers and other equipment. We have an extensive stock of more than 50,000 unique parts, all from trusted aftermarket manufacturers. If you’re looking for quality aftermarket replacement CASE undercarriage parts at the best possible prices, contact DMC Wear Parts today. 

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*All manufacturers’ names, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and are not implied that any part offered is an OEM product or a direct product of these manufacturers.

Aftermarket CASE Dozer Undercarriage Parts

The undercarriage is an essential component of your dozer. It is a system made up of moving parts that helps your machine handle any type of terrain. CASE dozer undercarriage parts are built for precise, durable, low-cost operation, featuring heavy-duty pins, bushings, rollers, and idlers that extend the wear life of your undercarriage. DMC Wear Parts offers CASE aftermarket parts that perfectly fit CASE dozer models. Our vast selection of aftermarket CASE dozer undercarriage parts is sure to get your machine back in the field in no time. 

Browse the type of undercarriage products you need, or contact us for a complete undercarriage replacement – fast shipping guaranteed.

  • Adjusters & Bands
  • Blocks
  • Bolts & Nuts
  • Bushings
  • Caps
  • Chains
  • Dozer Blades
  • Frame Rails
  • Gears
  • Guards
  • Guides
  • Hubs
  • Idlers
  • Links
  • Mounting Caps & Hardware
  • Pads
  • Pins
  • Rings
  • Recoil Assemblies
  • Rollers
  • Shafts
  • Shoes
  • Spring Kits
  • Sprockets
  • Tensioning Components
  • Track Assemblies
  • Wear plates & Strips

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3-Year / 4,000-hour Warranty For CASE Undercarriage Parts

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DMC Wear Parts is a leading CASE aftermarket parts supplier for the construction and road maintenance industry. We carry all of the parts needed to keep your CASE motor grader, dozer, and other CASE heavy machinery working. We also carry parts that fit dozers, excavators, loaders, and other heavy machinery made by other popular brands.

Will you give us the opportunity to be your supplier for heavy machinery repair and replacement parts? We believe that our customers deserve reliable, long-lasting, high-performance parts at affordable prices. As your trusted parts supplier, our team strives to provide the best customer experience and build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, operators, contractors, highway and road departments.

Undercarriage Replacement Parts For Popular CASE M-Series Dozers

DMC Wear Parts is the go-to supplier for affordable, top-of-the-line CASE aftermarket dozer replacement parts. We have partnered with the best parts manufacturers in the United States to offer you exceptional products at the lowest possible prices. We carry undercarriage parts for CASE Industrial equipment including the following popular M-Series CASE dozers.

CASE 850M Undercarriage Parts

With its high-performance power plant, operator control customizations, comfort, and ease of maintenance, this CASE M-Series dozer is built to tackle the most difficult earthmoving operations.

CASE 1150M Undercarriage Parts

The CASE 1150M is the right dozer if you need top performance. Every component of this M-Series dozer is engineered to deliver “best-in-class” performance, productivity, and operator comfort.

Other M-Series CASE Dozer Models: 650M, 750M, 1650M, and 2050M

CASE 450J Series Dozer Undercarriage Aftermarket Parts

Repair & Replacment Parts For Older Dozer Models

CASE has been a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment for more than 165 years. Over time, the company has released new product lines and retired outdated product lines. DMC Wear Parts continues to support many of the retired and legacy CASE dozers with replacement CASE dozer undercarriage parts. Currently, CASE is promoting the M-Series dozers after upgrading from the previous L-Series dozers, and before that, the K-Series dozers. If you have an older series such as the CASE 350 or CASE 450 dozers, please reach out to our undercarriage experts and we will help you find the best product to keep your equipment running.

Below are two highlighted older CASE dozers that are still used by operators in many fleets: 

CASE 450 Dozer – An affordable, light dozer built for the heaviest hauls. The 450C continues to be used by many equipment fleets across the United States. 

CASE 350 Dozer – This reliable piece of heavy machinery has withstood the test of time. As one of the industry’s pioneering dozers, It’s been completing earthmoving projects for decades.

CASE 450C Dozer Undercarriage Parts Aftermarket

Undercarriage Parts For Other CASE Equipment Types

DMC Wear Parts stocks a huge selection of aftermarket parts for other CASE Industrial heavy equipment, such as excavators undercarriages. Whatever part you need for your CASE equipment, DMC Wear Parts is able to help. We have replacement parts for all sorts of CASE equipment operations, from construction and earth-moving to road maintenance and agriculture. Below are some of the more popular CASE equipment types that are covered by our aftermarket replacement parts.

  • CASE Motor Graders & Road Graders
  • Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Tractor & Wheel Loaders

Check out our wide offering of motor grader blades & edges if you’re looking for CASE motor grader or road grader parts.

CASE Aftermarket Equipment Undercarriage Parts


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Undercarriage Parts For Other Dozer Manufacturers

Do you need aftermarket parts for dozer equipment made by another manufacturer? We have a wide selection of undercarriage parts that fit equipment from all of the top manufacturers in the industry. We carry aftermarket repair and replacement parts for CAT (Caterpillar), Bobcat, John Deere, and more. 

DMC Wear Parts is committed to providing exceptional products, value, and timely deliveries from our 12 USA warehouses. Your satisfaction is what drives us to deliver the best of the best. 

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*All CASE and all other manufacturers’ names, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and are not implied that any part offered is the product of these manufacturers.

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