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Capital I Industries LogoDMC Wear Parts is proud to be a supplier of motor grader attachments that are made by Capital I Industries. Capital I specializes in manufacturing attachments for motor grader equipment that enhance road maintenance, road building, and snow removal. By adding the Capital I product lines to our existing inventory of 50,000+ part numbers DMC Wear Parts is able to offer its customers complete solutions for road maintenance, construction, and snow removal.

Below are some of the featured Motor Grader Attachment Capital I products that will be offered by DMC Wear Parts:


Grader Mount Sod Mulcher


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Mills washboards, ice, and removes rock from the road surface

  • Leaves a level, safe traffic surface with or without using a grader blade
  • Available in standard or quick attach that feature quick-change carbide drum teeth
  • Road rebuilding can be done in approximately 1/3 time and shoulders can be pulled and mulched at a rate of 3mph
  • The hydraulically driven drum is driven off the grader hydraulic system
  • Able to angle left or right


Gravel Reclaimer/ Sloper


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Capable of shaping road shoulders and road slope

  • Reclaim Gravel – 25-35% gravel savings
  • The patented postless design offers excellent operator visibility and allows the reclaimer to extend
  • Preloaded extension arm spring maintains reclaimer stability in carrying position
  • Mounts are utilized for the wing, mower, and gravel reclaimed
  • Attaches easily using quick attach design with replaceable quick-change carbide teeth
  • Compatible with John Deere, Caterpillar, Volvo & Case Motor Grader Equipment


One Way Speed Plow


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Allows operators to save time by plowing at full speed

  • Hydraulic blade tilt allows cutting edge to stay above ground level in a way that eliminates soil disturbance while field ridging
  • Two height-adjustable castor guide wheels that enhance wear prevention
  • The blade is reinforced with support tubes and can utilize down pressure capabilities
  • Compatible with any make or model road grader


Postless Snow Wing


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All mounts are utilized for wing, mower, and gravel reclaimer

  • Hydraulically controlled blade tilt (optional) or manual blade control
  • Loose link pin assembly upgraded to 4 position system that allows the wing blade to float and travel closer to the grader
  • Preloaded extension arm spring maintains blade stability in the carry position
  • No post to impede operator visibility in any wing position and allows the mouldboard to angle fully to rear front tire
  • Extension cylinder allows the operators to vary the blade angle


All Season U/V Blade


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For summer and winter blade use

  • For winter use: both sides have castor wheels with shoes and the plow is carried by chains
  • For summer use: Simply remove the castor wheels, shoes, and pin the blade in the solid no-float position – for summer dozing back blade going forward
  • Bottom cutting edge folds back hydraulically forward and back
  • Features a 12-foot working width that can angle tilt left or right, V or U blade


Motor Grader Road Groomer


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Cuts washboards, ice, and removes rock from the road surface

  • Quickly attaches using Capital I Quick Attach Lift Group
  • Replaceable carbide tips
  • 10-foot working width allowing operators to cover more road area

Additional Capital I Products for Motor Graders

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About Capital I Industries

Capital I is setting the standard in road maintenance equipment and motor grader attachments. Capital I Industries Inc. is a family-owned rural Saskatchewan manufacturing company that started operations in 1991. Capital I has many combined years of experience in road building, maintenance, mechanical, fabricating, and manufacturing industries.


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