Snowplow Mounting Guide

Simply put, a snowplow mount is a device – or a collection of small devices – that allows you to attach a snowplow onto a wide range of vehicles. Doing so makes it easy to plow your own roads and driveways without the need for a commercial snowplow to do the work for you. Or if you own a commercial snow plow business, you probably have a snowplow mount already!

Snowplow mounts consist of a collection of nuts, bolts, and washers, as well as an undercarriage system allowing you to attach your snowplow directly to your vehicle. While installing the plow itself may require the knowledge of a mechanic or specialist, it’s entirely possible to do it yourself if you are familiar with these systems. However, even if you need help assembling it, getting snow out of driveways, parking lots, or roads has never been easier or more accessible once it’s on your vehicle.

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Common Questions About Snowplow Mounting

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about snowplow mounting.   

Are Snowplow Mounts Universal?  

Some snowplow mounts are interchangeable and can work for a multitude of makes, models, and vehicle types. However, for the most part, no one snowplow is considered universal. So, make sure that you know the exact type of snowplow mount you will need before taking the plunge and purchasing one. This will depend on a number of variables, but namely, the vehicle type and size of the plow will be the deciding factor. 

Is It Difficult to Mount a Snowplow?

As we mentioned before, mounting a snowplow is feasible to do yourself if you have a background knowledge of mechanics. However, this is not the type of project you want to attempt yourself if you have any doubts, as it can end up costing you time, money and may potentially result in some significant safety issues. So, if you’re unsure of your abilities, err on the side of caution and have a professional assist you in mounting your snowplow. The entire installation of both the mount and the snowplow can be done in a single day, but once again, stay cautious and careful through this process. Don’t attempt to rush through it!

Many snowplow mount distributors are happy to provide instructions, tips, and how-to’s via their website or customer service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of DMC’s Wear Part specialists if you have any questions about installing your snowplow mount.

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What Kind of Vehicles Can Snowplows Mount To?  

Snowplows can be mounted to a variety of vehicles; trucks, skid steers, tractors, ATVs, and more. What kind of vehicle you mount your snowplow to typically depends on the type of project you are attempting to complete.

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Trucks are the most common vehicle to attach snowplows to, especially for personal or commercial use. Many snowplow mounts are made specifically for trucks but can fit a variety of makes and models.  

Skid Steers

Utilizing skid steer snow plow is a popular way to get commercial snow plowing done, and luckily, the vast majority of truck snowplows and mounts can be attached to a skid steer as well. Finding a mount that is interchangeable to both vehicles is an excellent option if you are looking for something that can work for both residential and commercial plowing.  


Tractors are preferable for plowing large fields and areas that are off-road. Installing a mount for a snowplow on a tractor can seem daunting; however, it is structurally similar to installing one on a basic pick-up truck. 


ATVs are ideal for plowing smaller areas of grass or land that are not connected to a nearby road due to the range of movement you can achieve on an ATV. Most ATVs will require snowplows and mounts made explicitly for an all-terrain vehicle, so keep that in mind if you are on the market for hardware to attach to your ATV.

Choosing the Right Snow Mount for Your Project  

We have already mentioned the need to ensure you are buying the correct snowplow mount for your vehicle. Aside from that, however, it is also imperative to make sure that you are choosing the correct snowplow mount for your project.  

Are you looking for at-home use for your snowplow, or is it a commercial project? Will you be plowing something flat like a driveway or parking lot, or are you attempting to plow an area with many hills and curves?   

Ensuring that you know all the details and needs for your specific endeavor will make buying a snowplow mount that much easier. Our snowplow mount parts specialists can be of great assistance in this area as they are knowledgeable professionals who can ensure you are selecting the right tools. 

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Make Sure The Plow Mount is Right For Your Vehicle  

Just because the plow mount fits onto your vehicle does not mean it’s the best plow mount for the job. Ensuring the plow mount fits is just one step in the process – you will also want to make sure that the mount is easily accessible and fits the snowplow you are looking to attach. Once it’s connected, is it easy to use? Do you have the correct range of movement required for your project? Once again, consulting a professional snowplow blades specialist can help ensure that you select the proper plow mount for your vehicle and your project. 

Contact a DMC Wear Parts Specialist  

Interested in attaching a snowplow to your vehicle? Well, as we’ve discussed, there’s a process involved in ensuring you’re getting the suitable mount for your vehicle and project. So, instead of delving into a rabbit hole of confusing online purchases, get in touch with a professional and allow us to do the work for you. Contact a DMC Wear Parts specialist today!


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