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DMC Wear Parts offers aftermarket heavy equipment track groups and assemblies. We are a partner for your construction equipment needs. Performance is critical when working with heavy equipment. DMC Wear Parts is a top provider of aftermarket heavy equipment parts and track group assemblies. Our extensive catalog features parts for nearly every type of machinery that fits most major manufacturers.

Types of Track Assemblies

There are a few different types of tracks and track assemblies. The best track type will vary depending on the equipment, its intended use, and the terrain conditions on the job site.

Full Track Assemblies for Heavy Equipment

DMC Wear Parts offers complete track assemblies for heavy equipment of all varieties. Our track assemblies are built to last and hold up for years to come so that you can get through the most demanding conditions. All our full-track assemblies come sealed and lubricated for your machine. Our track assemblies are designed, manufactured, and assembled using the latest industry developments, ready to match your application.

Individual Steel Track Assemblies

Steel tracks are an excellent option for your heavy machinery. They are known to improve your equipment’s performance in rugged, rocky, or muddy conditions. Steel tracks provide great traction and reduced ground pressure in the harshest environments. Our steel tracks are built to withstand the most demanding conditions across the industry wherever your job site takes you. DMC Wear Parts offers the highest quality steel track options that fit nearly every manufacturer for your machine.

Individual Rubber Track Groups

In addition to steel tracks, we offer rubber tracks to keep your equipment moving. Individual rubber tracks come with their own set of advantages over their steel counterparts. They can help you navigate certain terrains. Some of the types of rubber track treads we offer include:

  • Staggered Block — This design provides better traction and lower impact on surfaces. It can be a good option for more sensitive worksites.
  • Straight Bar — This is the most widely used and popular track design. It is similar to steel track construction and is a versatile choice for most job sites.
  • Smooth Paver – Designed for use on hard surfaces with high heat potential and heavy loads
  • Zig Zag All Season Rubber – Designed for CTL Machines operating on snow/ice or difficult sloped and hillside applications
  • Turf Friendly Rubber – Designed for CTL Machines that are operating on gentle surfaces

Despite their advantages, rubber tracks do have a downside. They are not quite as durable as steel tracks. With steel, you can also make link repairs to your track group without replacing the whole assembly.

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Tracked Equipment Undercarriage Parts

To keep your machinery functioning at its peak, you need to understand the components that make up your machine. DMC Wear Parts offers customers a wide selection of undercarriage parts to ensure that your equipment works as well for you today as it did on day one. Maintenance is critical to keep your track functioning properly. Performing routine maintenance is the most dependable way to ensure your equipment tracks last.

Routine Inspection of Your Machine’s Undercarriage

Another essential part of maintaining your equipment is performing routine maintenance on the undercarriage. You will want to inspect the undercarriage’s idlers and rollers to see if they are sealed and lubricated. Worn rollers and idlers begin to leak around the seals, which can cause bearing failure, forcing them to seize.

Adjusting Track Tension

Adjusting track tension is an essential part of your maintenance program. The tracks carry the machine’s weight and take much of the daily wear and tear. If your track is loose, it can result in larger damage and more costly repairs for the equipment. While over-tightening can cause undue stress on the tracks, stretching tracks too thin can also cause issues. To properly fit your equipment’s track for your job site, you will want to make adjustments to match the machine and conditions.

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Why Buy Aftermarket Track Groups & Assemblies?

When you are in the market for a new track assembly, aftermarket parts are a great option to save money over original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Aftermarket parts are cost-effective and the best way to control costs is to find a reliable aftermarket seller. Aftermarket parts can be fit for a variety of equipment models and makes. No matter what equipment you are using, DMC Wear Parts can find tracks to help keep your machine moving forward.

How Can I Make Sure to Buy the Correct Track Parts?

DMC Wear Parts’ experienced heavy equipment part specialists can help get you fitted for the correct track parts or complete track assembly. We will work with you to understand your equipment and project needs, then we will get the right track parts for your machine ordered and shipped directly to you, anywhere in the country.

All manufacturer names, logos, symbols, etc. are used for reference purposes only and does not imply that any part listed is a direct product of these manufacturers.

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