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DMC Wear Parts Smooth PaverAsphalt pavers: over 20,000 pounds of solid steel, diesel, and hard-working grit. Since the first paver rolled off the line back in 1934, the design focus has always been on durability and endurance. These machines are meant to run hard over long days and are built to be worn down, fixed up, and put back to work. When paver parts break or become worn, getting your machine back in the game fast is critical.

DMC Wear Parts offers a wide variety of aftermarket asphalt paver parts compatible with all the top manufacturers. Whether you need to make an urgent field repair or want to upgrade your machine’s components for better long-term value, we’ve got you covered.

Paver Replacement Parts for Heavy Machinery

DMC Wear Parts stocks every kind of replacement part for pavers, including track assemblies, auger assemblies, sprockets, chains, and more.


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Extensive Selection of Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

An often-overlooked aspect of a well-maintained paver is the undercarriage. The rollers, tracks, sprockets, and chains that make up the undercarriage play an essential role in the efficiency and rideability of the machine. DMC Wear Parts is proud to offer an industry-leading selection of aftermarket parts for brands like Caterpillar, CASE, Komatsu, and many others.

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Paver Track Groups and Assemblies

Make sure your paver is running smoothly and has enough traction for the job with our selection of high-quality track assemblies and components. Upgrade from rubber tracks to heavy-duty steel ones for more demanding jobs or replace a worn-out track group with a more cost-effective alternative.

Sprockets for Paving Equipment

When it comes to keeping an asphalt paver moving, well-made sprockets are crucial. Look into replacing or upgrading your machines’ sprockets to keep things running smoothly.

Auger Assemblies

Having an efficiently working auger is critical to smooth machine operation and a hassle-free workday. An asphalt paver’s auger needs to generate an even, steady feed of asphalt to keep the mix just right, so if portions of it are worn down or malfunctioning, the entire process will be affected. If components of your auger assembly need replacing, do it as soon as possible to keep other problems from cropping up.

Rubber and Steel Tracks for Pavers

There are advantages to both rubber and steel tracks for use on asphalt pavers, so choosing between them comes down to the needs of your company and the jobs you’re running. Rubber tracks are easier on the terrain beneath them and offer the user more comfort, while steel tracks provide better traction and durability. Whether steel or rubber, our aftermarket parts specialists can help you find the exact track you need for the job.

Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM Paver Tracks and Parts

A long-running debate in the world of heavy machinery is whether to use OEM parts or aftermarket ones. In general, OEM parts are more expensive because the manufacturers have a higher overhead, and the parts tend to be of reliable quality across the board.

With aftermarket parts, you get more options in cost and design, as they are designed with affordability and function in mind. If you want higher quality parts than those offered by the manufacturer, or parts that fit a need the manufacturer hadn’t considered, you can find them through an aftermarket supplier.

On the subject of wear parts, durability is a crucial point of emphasis. With aftermarket parts designed for long wear life, you can go longer between replacing critical components. When you do eventually have to replace worn-down parts, the cost of aftermarket parts can be considerably lower than their OEM alternatives, increasing their long-term value.

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Aftermarket Parts Allow for Cost-Effective Replacement

Another serious advantage of aftermarket parts is their variable design. Aftermarket suppliers can examine the strengths and weaknesses of OEM parts and make adjustments in their designs. These adjustments can fix common problems with the original parts, resulting in a more cost-effective replacement that doesn’t break down as fast as their OEM counterparts. Differences in the manufacturing processes and goals mean that these parts can be sold for less, allowing you to get a similar or better quality part for a lower cost.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Part for Your Machine

When looking for asphalt paver replacement parts, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of parts available. Instead of the ‘One Size Fits All’ approach that OEM parts use, aftermarket suppliers make parts for specific machine models that are made to provide particular benefits. DMC Wear Parts has a team of experts that can match the parts you need with the machine you have, so there will be no doubt that you’re ordering the perfect fit.

Regular machine repair and maintenance keeps costs down and improves your machines’ life span. Performing a routine inspection and replacing parts at recommended usage limits can prevent catastrophic wear and tear on your machine. Even better, replacing worn-out components can improve how a machine handles and operates, breathing new life into older asphalt pavers.

CAT Asphalt paver track bogie assembly

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If you’re in need of spare parts, replacement parts, or want to upgrade your asphalt paver so it can better handle a difficult job on the horizon, contact the parts specialists at DMC today. We’ll work with you from the first call to the final sale to make sure you get exactly what you need to keep your heavy-duty machines up and running. We take pride in our extensive selection of aftermarket parts for all the top equipment manufacturers, and we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for.


*All uses of manufacturers’ names, symbols, brands, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and are not implied that any part offered is the product of these manufacturers.

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