Final Drive Parts For Heavy Equipment

When you operate equipment on a construction site, workload demands put significant stress on all types of heavy machinery. As a constantly moving part, your final drive is especially susceptible to wear-and-tear. It is important to make sure you keep your final drive components in proper condition in order to keep your excavator and your project moving forward. DMC Wear Parts offers high-quality aftermarket final drive parts, contact us today for a free quote.

What are Final Drive Parts?

The final drive is the “final” step between a machine’s transmission and its track. It transfers the power supplied to the gears into torque that moves the vehicle. The final drive consists of several parts:

  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Valve blocks

These components, along with the travel motor, are part of hydraulic drive systems in heavy construction equipment. In short, they transform combustion (or electricity) into motion. Final drives power construction, landscaping, and demolition machinery.

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Final Drives for Excavators

A broken excavator means missed deadlines on the job. Sourcing quality parts is crucial for excellent machine operation. To get those tracks rolling again, consider taking a look at online options for your replacement parts. If you’re looking to cut costs, aftermarket bulldozer and excavator parts can be a terrific choice. DMC Wear Parts provides an extensive inventory of replacement parts for any heavy equipment make or model. Get in contact with one of our aftermarket parts specialists today to find the right fit for your machine.

Final Drives for Other Heavy Equipment

Final drives and aftermarket replacement parts for dozers, backhoes, loaders, and any other heavy construction equipment are also available – contact DMC Wear Parts to have us find the exact right part for your specific machine.


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How Can I Maintain My Final Drive?

To maintain your final drive, routinely changing your oil, lubricants, and replacing parts are must-dos. If you notice increased vibration or noise while operating your equipment, it may be a sign that your equipment isn’t functioning properly. Basic maintenance means a long service life. Plus, with frequent inspections of the equipment undercarriage, you’ll cut down on expenses and downtime by catching issues before they become larger problems. But what about when final drives reach the end of their product lifespan?

Issues with Motors and Transmission Can Cause Internal Problems

Sometimes a worn final drive indicates a more significant problem. Motor and transmission troubles affect the entire machine.  Operators should know that if one side’s final drive breaks down, it is very likely that the other side is also experiencing issues that may cause it to break within the next six months as well. When this is the case, repairing a final drive will not save your equipment from other issues. Several underlying problems could contribute to excessive and premature wear on your equipment’s final drive.

  • The main bearings failing could lead to the final drive failing as well.
  • A clogged drain filter could be the culprit. When your machine can’t filter debris properly, fluid pressure builds and can damage other parts.
  • A transmission that isn’t properly functioning can cause the gear oil to overheat. This excess heat can damage final drives.
  • A charge pump could be to blame. A weak charge pump can’t release the brake plates, putting stress on the final drive.
  • Leaky seals reduce your oil supply. Not having enough oil creates friction, causing damage.

To be safe, consult a trained equipment technician to troubleshoot the issue. This way, you won’t waste time and money fixing the wrong parts.

Should I Try to Fix an Excavator Final Drive on My Own?

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You should only try to repair a final drive if you know what you’re doing. Final drive failure can have many causes and is difficult to troubleshoot. When in doubt, get help from a trained professional.

There’s no shame in paying experts to service your heavy equipment. While getting someone else to fix or replace machine parts costs money, an experienced technician will ensure everything’s in working order.

However, if you’re confident in your skills and would like to fix a final drive yourself, you absolutely can. Just be aware of the risks.

  1. First, you will void any warranties by doing repairs yourself. Because of this, you need to be prepared to tackle any future issues that may arise with your equipment.
  2. Second, you need to troubleshoot diligently. With many moving parts in heavy construction equipment, this isn’t always easy. It’s a good idea to look at the most common causes of drive failure and check those parts first. Remember, an incorrect diagnosis could mean further damage to your machine and a higher repair bill.
  3. Third, it is vital to replace any oil you lose when you’re replacing parts. Clean up any that spills so that you don’t contaminate other parts.

Aftermarket Final Drive Parts Available for Popular Manufacturers

Contact DMC Wear Parts today to get your equipment’s final drive back in working shape and running smooth! Reliable aftermarket retailers, such as DMC Wear Parts, offer aftermarket heavy equipment parts at a lower price than OEM parts. Additionally, aftermarket final drives are often of similar or even better quality. When you order from DMC Wear Parts, you’ll also be able to get your parts much quicker than ordering OEM parts! We have over 50,000 parts in stock at 12 warehouse locations throughout the US. Plus, DMC Wear Parts can process and ship most orders within 24 hours!

CAT (catepillar) logoCaterpillar Aftermarket Parts

For the big name in construction, you don’t need to pay big name prices. DMC Wear Parts offers an extensive inventory of CAT-compatible aftermarket parts to get your machine back on the job site in no time.

CASE Aftermarket Parts

Case LogoCASE is a popular name in the construction equipment industry. Our vast catalog of CASE-compatible parts is sure to get your final drive (or any other part of your CASE machine) up and running again.

John Deere Parts LogoJohn Deere Aftermarket Parts

With a name synonymous with modern farming and construction equipment, there is a frequent demand for John Deere’s final drive parts. If your green machine has a problem, DMC Wear Parts can help. Contact one of our aftermarket parts specialists today to find the part that your John Deere machine needs.


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