Track Chains

Track chains and groups function to allow crawler-type heavy machinery to move efficiently. These track chains and groups are made up of flexible links that are connected together by fittings called pins and bushings. There are two types of track chains that exist for heavy machinery: dry chains and lubricated chains. As the name implies, the differences lie in the amount of lubrication on the track’s pins and bushings, which can impact cost and the amount of wear a track receives over time.

Aftermarket Track Chains

Purchasing aftermarket parts can be an excellent way to keep your machinery in working order without spending as much money as you would for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is especially true for undercarriage parts, like track chains and groups, which can become worn out over time. Aftermarket parts can provide excellent value and extend the life of your equipment.

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Types of Track Chains – Dry Chains vs. Lubricated Chains

Lubricated chains are track chains that have lubricants permanently sealed into the space between the pin and the bushing. These seals are built to provide lasting lubrication and reduce the amount of wear that occurs due to friction on the pins and bushings. Unlike with dry chains, lubrication is automatic. However, lubricated chains usually cost more than dry chains in the short term.

On the other hand, dry chains can be manufactured with grease between the pin and bushings, but the seals on these chains are generally less durable and may leak relatively quickly. Some dry chains may come sealed, but they may not be lubricated. With most dry chains, you will have to routinely lubricate your pins and bushings in order to avoid wear, as lubrication is not automatic. While dry chains are less expensive than lubricated chains, they will experience a significant amount of wear without sealed lubrication and will likely cost you a good deal of money in replacement parts over time.

Track Chain Group

Routine Undercarriage Maintenance

When inspecting your equipment’s undercarriage, you are looking to see that everything is in its correct place and working properly. This includes things such as:

  • Maintaining proper track tension. Refer to your manual on how tight your track should be and attempt to keep it there. Both loose and tight tracks can cause issues preventing your machine from functioning properly.
  • Using appropriate track shoes for different job sites. Depending on the type of movement your machinery will be doing and the terrains you’ll be working in, choose track shoes that work well.
  • Signs of significant wear on the idlers. Notable tread will appear as deep pockets or grooves across the surface of the idler. You also want to ensure that a lip has not formed on the edge of the idler. If so, this lip indicates that it may be time for servicing.
  • Keeping your undercarriage clean and well-lubricated. Build-up of dust, mud, and debris can impact lubrication and make your equipment more difficult to use, which may cause operators to be a bit rougher when forcing it to maneuver or operate.
  • Inspecting frequently. Frequent and thorough inspections, preferably with an operator’s manual in hand, can help operators spot wear, damage, and other issues before they get out of hand and result in more significant repair costs. These visual inspections should occur daily.


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Aftermarket Track Chains For Popular Equipment Brands

While searching for aftermarket track chains and groups may be stressful, DMC Wear Parts is here to help. Our part specialists can help you find the parts you need in our extensive inventory of aftermarket parts. We are confident that we can find the exact replacement part that your equipment needs.

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DMC Wear Parts offers a wide variety of CASE undercarriage and track parts, including pins, bushings, sprockets, track assemblies, chains, and more. Get in contact with one of our part specialists today!

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John Deere is one of the most popular names in heavy machinery. Our inventory includes John Deere style undercarriage track parts, including replacement parts for dozers, excavators, and more.


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