Snow Plow Attachments

With winter and snowstorms well on their way, it’s time to make sure you’re ready for the plowing season. Snow removal can be a demanding and challenging job, especially if your equipment isn’t up to the task. Beefing up your plowing rig with attachments designed the make the job easier can save you time, money, and maintenance, so you can keep pushing snow all winter long. Let’s go over some standard snow plow attachments, their pros and cons, and how they can best work with your current plowing system. 

What are Snow Plow Attachments?

Snowplow attachments are pieces of equipment that can improve your plowing rig’s performance, reliability, and durability. There are an incredible variety of attachment parts available for almost every type of plow, and all of them have their specific uses, pros, and cons. Some are designed for smaller lots and machines, while others are purpose-built for heavy-duty tractors and enormous commercial properties. These options can seem overwhelming, so it’s essential to determine your needs and which attachments would suit them best.

Common Snow Plow Attachments

A snowplow consists of a lot more than just the blade. Several significant components make up the entire system, and most of them can easily be replaced or upgraded to fit the job at hand. The snow plow blade itself is often the main focus when you’re looking at upgrading your rig. But, there are plenty of other attachments that can make life a lot easier for snow plow operators. All of these attachments are offered in various materials and designs, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

Snow Plow Wing attachment for Motor Grader

Snow Plow Blades

The snow plow blade is arguably the most critical piece of the snowplow. There are several different designs, each made with a specific application in mind.  

  • Straight Blades: The classic plow blade, a straight blade, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s best suited for those looking for a blade that is easy to operate, bought at a lower cost, and can handle a moderate amount of snow. This type of blade excels in wide-open spaces like parking lots. 
  • V-Blades: V-blades or V-plows are versatile blade styles that are most often seen in commercial use. They can handle wide-open spaces, narrow roads, and driveways with equal ease and are made to work in deep, heavy snow that a straight blade might not be able to work in. Also, unlike straight blades, their “v” shape allows the operator to angle the snow in their desired direction, making clean-up passes easier. However, this convenience can come at a price; v-blade plows are often sold at a higher price point than other styles. 
  • Extending Wing Blades: This blade style consists of extendable “wings” that extend the length of the plow blade, allowing for maximum efficiency in open spaces while being adaptable enough to adjust to narrower roads when needed. There are a few ways to add these wings, from detachable wings that must be manually attached when needed to fixed expandable kits that are a more permanent mount. The adaptability of these blades means that a skilled operator is required to use them safely, and specific styles can even push the length of the plow past the legal limit.  

The material a plow blade is made from can have a significant effect on durability, as well. Steel blades are known for their low cost and reliability. However, they’re prone to rust and corrosion, leading many operators to upgrade to a stainless-steel option. Joma-style plow blades, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their incredible resilience and resistance to wear. They are considerably more expensive than steel blade options, but their lifespan can more than make up the cost for commercial operators and contractors.

rubber edge snow plow attachment

Other Snow Plow Attachments and Accessories

All Season U/V Blade Attachment

This V or U blade attachment from Capital I Industries features a 12-foot working width that can angle tilt left or right. Intended for all season (winter and summer) use.

Postless Snow Wing

Motor grader postless snow wing side attachment allows operators to clear snow on the side of the equipment with full visibility and tilt control.

Ballast Retainer

Ballast retainer kits are designed to safely secure a ballast exactly where your rig needs it – typically behind the rear axle. Whatever material you are using to keep weight on the back of your plow, ballast retainers make sure it stays where it should from start to finish. 

Curb Guards

Curb guards play an essential role in keeping your plow blade protected from scrapes with street curbs. Some guards are attached separately, while others are built into the plows’ cutting edge, depending on your rig’s design. Having a properly fitting and mounted curb guard can add to your plow’s lifespan, saving money and time in the long run. Curb guards are designed to attach to the cutting edge of the plow blade and add another layer of protection against brushes with curbs and other obstacles. They prolong the life of the blade, plow, and moldboard by stopping scrapes from tearing open the material of the plow. They work well with skid shoes, which mount to the bottom of the snowplow blade, causing it to float over softer surfaces like grass and gravel.  

Snow Blowers

Snowblowers are ideal attachments for those looking for high-powered efficiency and a clean, well-defined edge of the plowed area. Instead of having to continually work a pile of snow across a parking lot or driveway, you can use a blower to blast snow across the yard into neat little piles. 

Plow Guides

Plow guides can be an essential safety accessory for your snowplow. They can be made from different materials, but the idea is the same: pieces of solid tubing are mounted to the outer edges of the plow, sticking up high enough for the driver to see from their seat. These guides help the operator better understand precisely where their plow is, keeping them on track at all times. 

Snow Deflector

Typically made from polyethylene or rubber, snow deflectors attach to the upper edge of the plow blade, blocking snow from flying up onto the windshield and hampering visibility for the driver. They’re made to take abuse but should still be replaced when signs of wear and tear appear.

All Season U/V Plow Blade

snowplow side guard attachment

truck with snow plow attached

snowplow accessories blower

Cutting Edges for Snow Plows

The cutting edge of a plow is the part of the blade that makes contact with the ground. These edges are replaceable and separate from the primary blade. They must be swapped out often to maintain performance and prevent damage over time. When the cutting edge wears down, the plow frame can be exposed and cause wear and tear to the moldboard – and this damage can be expensive to fix! When plowing on softer surfaces like dirt, gravel, or grass, consider adding extra protection with “plow shoes” that float the bottom of the blade and prevent too much scraping. Snowplow blades can be equipped with a variety of cutting edges, each with its own pros and cons: 

  • Steel blades are tough and rigid, great for cutting through ice or hard-packed snow. They’re among the cheaper blade options, though they tend to be susceptible to rust and corrosion. 
  • Carbide blades are steel-carbide snow plow blades augmented with tungsten-carbide inserts or plates for additional strength and blade life. 
  • Rubber blades are light, pliable, and meant for light snow or slush. Unlike the harder blades, it won’t scrape the surface of what you’re plowing, so it’s perfect for the finishing passes or first plows of the season. However, rubber blades can’t handle the dense and heavy snow that the later months of winter bring. 
  • Polyurethane blades are a newer, less common type of material that is more rigid than rubber while still retaining flexibility, making it suitable for plowing heavier amounts of snow in areas susceptible to damage (like driveways and landscaped locations). Poly blades aren’t as strong as steel and aren’t as forgiving as rubber, so they have a mix of similar advantages and disadvantages.
  • JOMA-Style snow plow blades are made with carbide-steel inserts that are encased in rubber. This advanced design provides the best of both carbide and rubber snowplow blades.

snow plow cutting edges

Snow Plow Bucket Attachments

Snow buckets are made for use in a specific set of circumstances. If you don’t have a lot of snow to remove or the snow needs to be loaded up and removed from the site, buckets are perfect for the job. In most other cases, though, snowplow blades are a more effective and economical answer to your snow removal needs. Buckets can’t match the capacity of even the smallest plow blade. They can cause damage to grass or other surfaces beneath the snow and, unlike plow blades, can’t be angled to get the snow moving in the desired direction. Re-rigging your tractor or loader with a dedicated plow blade can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if you use your bucket for other tasks like salt and sand loading. Snowplow bucket attachments solve this problem. In being able to mount a plow blade or other snow pusher directly onto the bucket, you can keep your rig prepared for a variety of uses all winter long.  

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What Equipment or Vehicles Can Attach Plow Blades? 

Snowplows are built to be mounted on a variety of equipment, although there are a few key differences that determine which plow will be the best fit for your vehicle. Larger and heavier vehicles can be equipped with a more heavy-duty mounting system, while smaller rigs may need to make concessions in weight and size.  Most vehicles can be kitted out into high-performance snow plowing rigs with the right attachments and accessories. However, which type of vehicle you use will strongly depend on your terrain, climate, business model, and other factors.

tractor with snowplow attachment

Truck Snow Attachments

Trucks make for a great all-around plowing rig. The mounting systems and blades are easy to hook up and detach. The variety of available makes and models mean there is almost guaranteed to be a truck perfect for your situation, whether you need a smaller truck for driveways or a larger truck for parking lots and alleys.   

Skid Steer Snow Plow Attachments

Repurposing a skid-steer or loader from the summer season is a great way to get the most use out of the machine. Most plows will mount easily onto the front of a skid-steer, and their all-terrain nature can give them an advantage on snow-packed terrain. Once you make a pass with a truck or tractor, you have to back up, reorient, and attack again. A skid steer can simply rotate and get right back at it. Additionally, the hydraulic systems on these machines make blade angling a snap, allowing your passes to be efficient without having to step out of the cab after each one.  

Other construction equipment types are commonly used for mounting snow plows as well.

Tractor Snow Plow Attachments

Tractors are a heavy-duty snow removal solution. From small garden tractors to huge farming rigs, these machines can take a beating and work hard all winter long. Many of them have mounting systems and hardware that make bolting a plow on a snap, along with built-in ballast systems.

What to Consider When Buying Snow Plow Bucket Attachments

Ultimately, you know your needs and goals best when it comes to snow removal. Most bucket attachments are designed with a specific purpose in mind- it is up to you to determine if the attachment you’re interested in is a good fit for your needs. The lots you typically plow, your local climate, and your business strategy can all determine whether or not to make the investment. The answers to the following questions will determine your equipment needs. 

  • “What kind of terrain do I typically plow?” 
  • “How much snow do I usually remove?” 
  • “Does the snow stay here, or do I need to load it up and move it?”

Ground Surface

The surface beneath the snow that you’re plowing can have a significant impact on the type of plow and accessories you’ll need to use. Softer surfaces like grass and gravel need a plow made from lighter materials that can “float” over the surface using skid shoes. Standard paved parking lots and driveways need tough, sturdy plows, preferably with curb guards during periods of heavy snowfall.

Snow Conditions

There is a significant difference between plowing lots of soft, “dry” snow and lots of heavy, wet snow. Depending on the time of year and local climate, there can be an incredible variety in weight, density, and required disposal methods. Choose plow styles and accessories that will be able to handle your winter weather at its worst, and adapt them as the season goes on.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Snow Plow Attachment Parts

Choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts is often a no-brainer. While OEM parts are reliable, they are often much more expensive than their aftermarket equivalents, and your customization options are limited. Aftermarket parts offer easy installation, additional versatility, and increased wear life, allowing you to go longer between part repair and replacement.

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Expansive Inventory of Snow Plow Accessories and Edges

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