Heavy Equipment Undercarriage Parts

Quality heavy machinery undercarriage parts help prevent premature wear on excavators, dozers, track loaders, skid steers, and forestry equipment. The majority of maintenance and part costs for track-type equipment is from its undercarriage. That means, selecting high-quality parts is essential to keeping your machines running efficiently and to save costs.

DMC Wear Parts offers undercarriage parts designed to provide the greatest return on your investment and extend the wear life of your machines. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your machines. DMC Wear Parts supplies parts with an excellent reputation in the roadbuilding, construction, and forestry industries. We keep an extensive stock of parts at 12 warehouse locations around the United States, which enables us to quickly deliver undercarriage parts for all types and brands.

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Construction, Road Building, & Forestry Undercarriage Parts

Undercarriage parts create a complete system to keep your equipment moving across different types of terrain. Check out our undercarriage part options below.

Track Equipment Undercarriage Parts

  • Track Assemblies – DMC Wear Parts carries complete track group assemblies in addition to individual steel and rubber tracks. Track groups can be shipped pre-assembled to make your installation even easier.
  • Sprockets, Idlers, & Segments – DMC Wear Parts offers a wide selection of sprockets that are designed for extended life, high resistance, and increased durability. Our idlers and rollers can help your crawlers, dozers, and excavators handle even the most intense applications.
  • Track Shoes & Track Pads – DMC Wear Parts has a variety of track shoes for any environment with a variety of designs, profiles, and widths. Our premium track shoes are built to handle even the highest impact conditions without bending or breaking.
  • Track Links – DMC Wear parts carry heavy-duty Track links that hold track sections together and keep your equipment functioning properly in even the harshest applications.
  • Track Adjusters – DMC Wear Parts offers track adjusters that can directly replace your existing parts with a quick replacement. Track adjusters help to absorb shock and protect your machine from leakage while minimizing the risk of releasing the spring.
  • Track Chains – DMC Wear Parts’ track chains are available in different versions to match your machine and environment. With track chains designed for easy installation, you can save time and money while increasing the performance of your machine.
  • Rollers – DMC Wear Parts supplies track rollers are designed for a long wear life and strong performance even in the most extreme operating conditions. Increase the undercarriage clearance height to reduce the load on the front wheel, sprocket, and final drive. Top, bottom, and carrier rollers can decrease the weight on costlier parts, increasing overall wear life. By investing in quality rollers, you can save costs in the long run.
  • Pins & Bushings – Pins and bushings form the hinges that allow the links of the track chain to move around the sprockets & idlers. As pins and bushings naturally wear it primarily occurs on a single side of the pin and the matching surface of the bushing, which allows the track pitch to extend, causing a stretched chain that runs loose. Maintaining proper pins and bushings will keep your undercarriage tracks running effectively.

Other Components

Undercarriage Parts for All Types of Equipment

DMC Wear Parts carries undercarriage components for all track-type equipment, including:

In addition to undercarriage parts for the typical track-type equipment, DMC Wear Parts also offers parts for unique applications such as logging machines and forestry undercarriages, drilling equipment, asphalt road paving, and more.

CAT Brand D8T model heavy equipment undercarriage


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Track-Type Equipment Manufacturers

DMC Wear Parts has a complete range of undercarriage parts that can be used for most manufacturers. Our large inventory of replacement options for earthmoving, road building, logging and forestry undercarriage parts can be shipped the next day from one of our many warehouse locations. Some of the popular manufacturers that our parts support include:

All manufacturers’ names are used for reference purposes only and does not imply that any part listed is a direct product of these manufacturers.

Operator Maintenance Tips

DMC Wear Parts is dedicated to helping our customers get the most from their machines. Our construction and road paving equipment experts are always available to answer customer questions and to offer advice. Because undercarriages make up a large part of the maintenance costs for machines we have put together some tips to increase the life and productivity of your equipment undercarriages.

  • Be proactive. Smart undercarriage management begins with good operating, maintenance, and inspection practices.
  • While conditions and situations may vary try to minimize or avoid track spinning, excessive reverse operation, counter-rotation, and same-direction turning.
  • Slow Down! The faster you operate the machine, the faster the undercarriage wears, due to the increased relative load between components.
  • Regularly clean out the tracks.
  • Select high-quality undercarriage parts, it will save costs in the long run.
  • Check and maintain proper track tension. Tight tracks create excess friction and stress in the undercarriage, which increases wear. If the tension does not fit your application, readjust them before operating. For information about tension-adjusting procedures contact one of our experts.
  • Consider underfoot conditions and match the abrasion and impact demands based on the conditions that can improve the efficiency of your heavy equipment.
  • Run the right shoe width for the weather and your application. In muddy weather or high-impact conditions, the width of shoes can impact the wear and strain on the undercarriage parts.
  • Have your undercarriage regularly evaluated and inspected by an undercarriage expert. This should be done every 1,000 hours of operation or sooner.

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