GATR Carbide Bits

GATR Carbide Grading Bits are a cost-effective scarifying solution for road maintenance operations. GATR bits are made with high-wear tungsten carbide and are designed to fit most scarifier bitboards. With all of the options available, operators can configure their motor grader scarifier system to control the size of material left behind, increase aggregate flow, penetrate deeper, and reduce excessive wear. Operators that use GATR bits can save money and time on road maintenance without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

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Aftermarket Bits for Scarifier Systems

GATR Bits are available in a variety of tungsten-carbide tip styles that can match any road application. Check out some of the GATR options below featuring sharp, blunt, large, or barbed tips.


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  • Brand: GATR
  • Description: Grading Bit
  • Application: 22mm Boards, Gravel Maintenance
  • Box Quantity: 40

GATR Bit Boards (3′ or 4′)

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  • Brand: GATR
  • Description: 3′ or 4′ Scarifier Bit Board Section with carbide overlay to protect the face of board (no cover plate needed)
  • Application: Board fits all 22mm style bits with (6) bit holes per foot
  • Mounting Style: Designed for Bolt On or Quick Change Blade Systems

GATR EXTREME Scarifier Boards

Engineered for durability and efficiency, the GATR EXTREME Scarifier Boards are meticulously designed to protect against washing, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your equipment.

At the core of the GATR EXTREME Scarifier Boards’ design is the innovative protection for bolt heads, eliminating the need for cover plates, and thereby streamlining the installation and maintenance process. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the overall performance of the boards in demanding environments.

Crafted with precision, each board is spaced with 6 holes per foot, accommodating any 22mm rotating bits. This universal compatibility ensures that the GATR EXTREME Scarifier Boards can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of equipment, providing a versatile solution for various operational needs.

The standard dimensions of the boards are 1″ x 6″ x 48″. However, understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer customization options to ensure that specific requirements are met with precision. Whether you need different dimensions, customized hole placements or a specific paint color, the GATR EXTREME Scarifier Boards can be tailored to fit your unique operational needs.

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GATR Aftermarket Scarifier Carbide Bits

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Benefits of GATR Bits for Scarifier Systems

Replaceable and rotating GATR carbide bits offer many benefits for scarifier operators:

  • GATR bits are a high-quality aftermarket replacement for carbide bits at a fraction of the cost of major brand names.
  • Tungsten-carbide offers a longer wear life than traditional steel blades.
  • Individually replaceable GATR bits can be easily repositioned along a moldboard to maintain a consistent cutting height with a straight edge.
  • GATR carbide bits maintain a sharp ground engaging tip that wears uniformly due to the independent rotation of each bit.
  • Operators can replace, swap, or move GATR bits along the scarifier moldboard without any required special tools.

GATR Carbide Bits

Operators use GATR bits for

  • Scarifying high-impact road surfaces that require deep ground penetration
  • Eliminating washboards and potholes to maintain smooth gravel roads
  • Breaking through compacted dirt, ice, frozen ground, and hard-packed snow
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