Snow Plow Blades

When winter weather hits, you need a snowplow blade that can clear the snow quickly and effectively. DMC Wear Parts is here to help! Whether you are a city, municipality, general contractor, or have a plow on your personal vehicle – our highly-durable replacement blades and edges will help you efficiently manage your ice and snow removal projects.

Snow Plow Blades & Cutting Edges

DMC is proud to offer snow plow blades and cutting edges in a variety of styles – from the best brands in the snow removal and road maintenance.

Carbide Snow Plow Blades


Carbide snow plow blades look very similar to traditional steel edges; however, they have a carbide insert brazed into the thickness of the steel face along the bottom of the blade. This carbide insert has much better wear resistance properties than a cutting edge made of just steel.

DMC Wear Parts offers a  variety of carbide snow plow edges for front mounts, underbodies, and wing plows.

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JOMA® Style Blades


Snow plow blades made of carbide inserts brazed into steel segments and then encased in rubber. These blades are a direct replacement for JOMA® style blades and will fit on existing systems.

(JOMA® is a registered trademark, any reference to this mark is solely for functional or descriptive purposes and are for reference only and are not that of the respective manufacture.)

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Sabre Blades by Built Blades


Sabre Blades are the new standard for front, underbody, and wing blades on snow plows and also for popular V-Plow truck plows like MVP. The cutting edge features a fully welded hardox plate for added carbide protection and a standard carbide insert or extra tall carbide insert for increased wear life. The built in hardox plate eliminates long cover plates, and special hardware for needed for mounting.

The Sabre Blade is designed and manufactured in North America by Built Blades. DMC Wear Parts is an official Built Blades Dealer.

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KENNAMETAL’s Isolated Carbide Edged blades are designed to last exceptionally long in even the worst winter road conditions. The independent rounded-tip carbide inserts deliver exceptional penetration performance in compacted snow and ice!

DMC Wear Parts is proud to be an official dealer for KENNAMETAL brand products for South Dakota and North Dakota.


SnoShock Blades


SnoShock Blades are carbide edges that are designed to absorb the shock and vibration, which drastically improves the life of the blade. An integrated “Shield” on the face of the blade further protects the carbide inserts and keeps the steel “holder” blade from prematurely wearing.

DMC Wear Parts is proud to currently offer SnoShock blades to our Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska customers.

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Accessories & Other Parts

DMC Wear Parts offers a wide range of snow plow attachments and accessories to turn any piece of equipment or vehicle into a snowplow.

The number of choices for your snow removal needs can sometimes be overwhelming. Thankfully, DMC Wear Parts is here to help guide you based on what you want to accomplish. Listed above are some of our most-popular snow blades and there are many more styles available. We created a helpful guide for operators to learn more about the best snow plow cutting edges to use for highway snow plowing, municipal streets, or private drives in residential areas. Our sales experts would be happy to talk with you and learn more about your needs to find you the perfect option for your project.

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What Are Snow Plows Blades Made of?

Snow plow blades, which are mounted on the snow-clearing plow of a vehicle, are made using various materials. The most common types of snow blow blade materials are:

  • Steel – Steel snow plow cutting edges can be carbon steel (sometimes called butter blades) or heat-treated steel.
  • Carbide – Carbide blades are actually a steel blade that has a plate or insert of tungsten-carbide that is used to increase the wear-life of the blade.
  • Rubber – Rubber edges are a lightweight and flexible blade that are best for clearing light snow and slush while protecting the road surface.
  • Polyurethane – an uncommon edge material that is rarely used for city roads, highspeed highways, and interstates.

When evaluating which blade type is best for your project it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Blade price
  • Wear resistance & blade lifespan
  • Road condition & fixtures (road markers, potholes, manhole covers, etc.)
  • Labor for changing blades
  • Blade mounting style (front, underbody, or wing)
  • Vehicle or equipment type

Snow Plow Mounting Vehicles & Equipment

Are you looking to add snow removal as a service? A snow plow blade is often mounted onto a vehicle to remove snow and ice from outdoor roads, parking lots, and surfaces. There are also many types of machines or vehicles that can support a snow plow, the most common are:

  • Trucks
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Tractors
  • ATVs
  • Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Skid-steers
  • Other Heavy Machine Equipment

You will also need to select a plow that can help you get the job done efficiently. There are a variety of styles including straight plows, V-Plows, winged plows, rear-mounted plows, and snow pushers.

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