Replacing Snow Plow Blades 

It’s hard to know how often you need to replace your snowplow blades, and it can be expensive if you don’t do it at the right time. We’ll show you what signs indicate that it’s time for a new blade and how much a replacement can cost so that you never have to worry about getting stuck with an old, dull blade again!

How Long Does a Snow Plow Blade Last?

A snowplow blade will usually start to show signs of wear after six months. Snowplow blades will typically last somewhere around 18-24 months before they need to be replaced entirely, depending on where and how they are used.

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Signs of Wear in a Snow Plow Blade

If your snow plow blade shows visible signs of being worn down, it’s more than likely time for a new one. A sharp snow plow cutting edge will always do a better job of breaking through snow and ice. A dull blade can accumulate large piles of snow that will be impossible to clear away. Sharp plows are designed to cut cleanly through the snow and ice with minimal effort on your part, which means you’re going to be able to move along at a quicker pace.

Cutting Edge is Wearing Down

A snowplow blade will usually start to show signs of wear after six months. You might be able to get away with replacing them yearly, but it is best to think about the future – you’ll save money in the long run by purchasing a new snowplow blade every six months.

Recurring Loosened Bolts on Blade

If you have recurring loosened bolts on your snowplow blade, you may want to consider replacing it altogether. These bolts, which are the parts that hold the blade onto the mount, will eventually come loose enough to no longer hold the blade in place. This will come with an array of safety hazards, and you will run the risk of further damaging your blade or vehicle.

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Vibration from Road Surfaces Can Cause Stress on a Blade

When a snowplow blade is vibrating as it is sliding across the road, this vibration can cause stress on the blade. The loosened bolts and vibrations will cause the blade to wear out faster than usual. You’ll know this is the case as you will feel increased vibrations when using the blade.

If your snow plow blade has begun to deform, it’s time for a new one! This will happen if your bolts are loose or have come out completely. The road’s vibration can cause warping over time, causing significant wear and tear.

Cracks or Dents in the Plow Blade

A cracked or dented plow blade will not do an excellent job clearing an area of snow and ice. It’s also worth noting that dents in the blade are an indication that it has been hitting the ground frequently, which means more wear on your blade over time. If your blade mount is warped, it will not be able to hold the snowplow blade in place. This will cause undue stress on both the blade, the mount, and even your vehicle.

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What to Look For When Replacing Snow Plow Blades

Snowplow blades should be replaced within a year or less, depending on how they are being used. As snowplow blades get old, they will start to dull out and break, resulting in more downtime for your rig. It is also crucial that snowplow blades are replaced when loosened bolts or significant damage occurs.

The best way to maintain a snowplow blade is by checking the screws and bolts regularly and going over the blade for cracks or dents. If you begin to feel significant vibrations while using the snowplow blade, this means that the blade is out of shape and needs to be replaced. It’s always best to purchase snow plow blades that will fit on more than one vehicle for maximum efficiency, but this isn’t always an option for some businesses.

Weight of the Blade

The weight of the blade is going to affect when you need to replace it. A heavier snow plow blade will need to be replaced more frequently than a lighter one, so it’s best to check the weight before purchasing a new blade.

It’s often best to purchase snow plow blades that are designed for multiple vehicles. This is because these types of snowplow blades will be lighter and easier to use, saving you money in the long run.

Length of the Blade’s Warranty

Most snowplow blade manufacturers will offer a warranty that lasts between 18-24 months. For some businesses, this might not sound like much time; after all, your snow plow blade will need to be replaced at least once per year. Remember to check the screws and bolts regularly, as this should help keep your blade in good shape for more extended periods.

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Snow Plow Blade’s Material

The material of the snowplow blade has a massive effect on how long it will last. Snowplow blades made of metal typically last longer than those made from synthetic materials. In the winter months, you’ll want to have a blade that will withstand ice and is made from salt-resistant materials.


Steel snowplow blades tend to last longer than synthetic ones, making them budget-friendly in the long run. Steel blades are also resistant to ice and salt, which is essential in the winter months. The downside to steel snowplow blades is their weight; these blades are much heavier than synthetic ones. Therefore, they might be more challenging to attach and use.

Steel blades are best for businesses that use their snowplow blade constantly with a large vehicle. These blades tend to be better at penetrating ice and snow, making them preferred for harsh winter months.


Polyurethane snowplow blades are a durable, long-lasting blade that is resistant to ice and salt. They are also budget-friendly and tend to be safer than steel blades. However, they are not as good at cutting through ice and snow. Polyurethane blades are best for businesses that need their snow plow blade for light-duty jobs.


Carbide snowplow cutting edges offer a few advantages over steel blades. For one, they are lighter for installation and use. They are also rust-resistant and last longer than steel or polyurethane blades. Unfortunately, carbide blades can be more expensive and don’t offer the ice and salt resistance that other types do. Many businesses opt for carbide blades despite their high cost since they don’t rust easily and can last up to ten years!

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A snowplow blade is the most critical piece of equipment that a snowplow operator uses regularly. To protect yourself and your business, it’s crucial that you properly maintain and replace your blades. If you need help making an informed decision about what type of blade would work best for your snow plow, feel free to contact a DMC Wear Parts Specialist, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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