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DMC Wear Parts offers a wide range of loader blades and edges to match the spacing and sizes used by various manufacturers. With the numerous loaders available on the heavy equipment market, it is recommended that new customers speak with our sales experts to make sure that you are ordering the correct loader blades for your equipment.


A Complete Selection of Loader Blades, Bucket Edge Systems, and Customizable Solutions

wheel loader

  • Bolt-on edges or weld-on edges
  • Multiple widths, thickness, heights, and lengths
  • Various spacing, mounting, and hydraulic angle options
  • Single and double bevel edges available
  • Customized loader blade solutions
  • Complete loader bucket systems for bolt-on edges, teeth, and segments


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Blades & Edges for All Types of Bucket Loaders

Loaders are a type of heavy equipment used in construction, mining, earthmoving, road maintenance, landscaping, and more. These machines are primarily used to move, push, carry or load materials across short distances. The variety of applications in which loaders are employed has led to a wide variety of models, including:

  • Front Loaders
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Crawler Loaders
  • Compact Loaders
  • Tractor Loaders
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Skid Steers


Loader Blade Applications & Benefits

The versatility of compact and small loaders allows operators to use their equipment for other projects without needing another expensive and large machine. In addition to the different equipment models, many construction operators further expand the utility of loaders through additional attachments. Cutting edge attachments with bolt-on or weld-on systems minimize the wear on the loader bucket and increase the equipment lifespan. This means that loader cutting edges allow operators to effectively use loaders for grading, material shaping, material removal, and snow plowing.

Loaders offer a great balance of maneuverability, stability, and flexibility while meeting the everyday demands of business owners. Bolt-on systems make changing blades a simple process that can be done in minutes, even in the field, with only hand tools.

High-Quality Loader Blades & Ground Engagement Edges

DMC Wear Parts offers ground engagement tools for loaders that are manufactured with premium heat-treated steel for a hard cutting edge that has the toughness to withstand regular use with minimal wear. Our aftermarket parts are a great fit for the most popular manufacturers:

  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • John Deere
  • CNH
  • Volvo
  • And more

Due to the unique spacing and systems used by each manufacturer, customers interested in loader edges and bucket blades must request a personalized quote that matches your equipment specifications.

Backhoe loader moving and pushing dirt

Customer Testimonial

“From an operators standpoint conditions are always changing and with the Borox blue steel you have the ability to adapt to different conditions by switching between different cutting-edge styles and thicknesses easily. From a shop foreman standpoint less down pressure to do the job means less wear and tear on the machine, which translates to savings in the long run!”
– Stuart | Road Foreman | North Dakota, USA

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