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Poly vs. Rubber Snow Plow Edges

Snow Plow Edges: Rubber vs. Polyurethane

Snowplowing can be a never-ending battle. The snow will always come, and it’s often up to snowplow operators to figure out the best way to handle it!

Two common materials that snowplow edges can be made from include polyurethane and rubber. While both of these materials offer different benefits and drawbacks, polyurethane and rubber plow edges can both aid in getting pesky snow removal jobs done efficiently!

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Polyurethane Snow Plow Edges

Polyurethane snowplow edges are a type of plow blade that can be installed on most conducive vehicles. These blades are fitted onto the snowplow rig and have a polyurethane material on one side to serve as a protective coating.

Advantages to Poly Edges

The advantages of a poly plow edge can include a longer wear life and that polyurethane plow edges can, in fact, be mandated by some locales.

Poly Lasts Longer than Rubber

Due to polyurethane’s resistant exterior, some experts say that poly plow edges can last up to twice as long as a rubber plow edge. Since poly edges provide a longer wear life than rubber, they can reduce downtime due to maintenance and having to swap out your blade.

Some Locales Require Poly Edges

Some regions require poly edges because they are less harmful to road surfaces. Snowplow blades and edges of all types are subject to wearing down road surfaces due to repeated use and friction from plowing. Polyurethane-lined plow edges can reduce this friction and wear to public roads.

Disadvantages to Poly Snow Plow Edges

Disadvantages to polyurethane plow edges include a higher price tag than other common materials and the fact that they are not suited for use in rough terrain.

Higher Cost than Other Snow Plow Materials

Polyurethane plow edges can carry a more expensive price tag for beginners compared to more common steel, rubber, and carbide edges. Ensure that a poly plow edge is right for your application by contacting a DMC Wear Parts expert!

Not Ideal for Rough Surfaces

Poly edges are not ideal for rough surfaces as they cannot grip the road’s surface as well as a rubber edge. Poly edges work best on a smoother surface and aren’t ideal for off-road or uneven surface plowing operations.

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Rubber Snow Plow Edges

Rubber snow plow edges are a type of snowplow blade designed to work on most types of vehicles. These blades are installed onto the vehicle, and the rubber side of the blade is put against the surface of the snow while it’s scraping it off.

Advantages to Rubber Edges

Rubber plow edges offer many advantages, including providing a quieter plow, being lightweight, and having a cheaper price point than other snow plow materials.

Quieter than Other Plow Types

Rubber snowplow blades are not as noisy as different blades because they’re softer and less forceful. As stated previously, nearly all plow blades make contact with the road or ground, causing lots of friction as the plow moves along. These plows’ rubber material offers a softer and gentler touch when plowing roads.

Cheaper than Polyurethane

Rubber snow plow edges often come with a lesser price tag than other styles of plows. This is mainly due to their lightweight and flexible nature – rubber plow edges are also more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Disadvantages to Rubber Edges

Disadvantages for rubber plow edges can include their longevity and their inability to plow in certain conditions effectively.

Doesn’t Last as Long as Other Plow Types

Rubber snow plow edges don’t last as long as other snowplow blades because they are softer and more pliable than different plow types. Rubber can also wear out more quickly than polyurethane.

Ineffective Against Ice and Heavier Snow

Rubber snowplow blades are often soft and not as strong as poly, steel, or carbide blades. This makes rubber plows ineffective when dealing with ice or heavier snow.

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Choosing the Right Snow Plow Edge for the Job

It’s essential to choose the right type of snowplow edge for your snow removal equipment. There are many options to select from, and it can be challenging to know what’s best for your application. Luckily, DMC Wear Parts is here to help you select the best snow plow blades!

Other Types of Snow Plow Edges

DMC Wear Parts offers a complete selection of snow plow blade and edge styles, going beyond just rubber or polyurethane. We offer heavy-duty carbide, steel, and hybrid rubber-steel JOMA-style blades. We also carry unique special-purpose blades from manufacturers like Built Blades, Kennametal, and Sno Shock.

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